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The Zionist mob that killed JFK, led by David Ben-Gurion, his Lansky-mob associates, and their assets in the CIA starting with Israeli mole James Jesus Angleton, set up “angry Cubans” and more pertinently “right-wing American patriots” as the most obvious suspects to anyone who didn’t buy the ridiculous official “Oswald acted alone” myth. That was the purpose of the above-pictured ads. (Seriously, folks…if right-wing patriot types were going to kill the president, would they have advertised it this way?)

Likewise, whoever was behind the Istanbul nightclub attack saw to it that these “marginal Islamist newspapers” would publish stories that could be interpreted as threats against New Year’s Eve partiers. The purpose, obviously, was to frame “Islamists” as the bad guys and discredit Erdogan.

So who might want to do that?

My guess is that one purpose of the attack was to punish Erdogan and Turkey for breaking ranks with NATO and pushing through the recent Syria peace initiative with Russia and Iran. The neocon-Zionist-hardliner wing of NATO has been furious with Erdogan since he went off the reservation on Syria last year; that’s why they used the Gladio network, and its CIA-Mossad asset Fethullah Gulen, to try to overthrow Erdogan in the failed coup attempt.
The New Year’s Eve terror attack happened just 48 hours after the U.N. backed the Russia-Iran-Turkey peace initiative. Obviously NATO was unhappy that it was sidelined; and even unhappier that it has lost the war. Blaming and punishing Turkey, the NATO member that deserted the coalition and went over to the side of the enemy, would be a natural response. Additionally, these NATO forces have every reason to keep trying to overthrow Erdogan, both to set an example to others who might be tempted to buck NATO discipline, and to replace the Turkish President with someone who would more reliably follow orders.

And then there are the Zionists, the world’s most hyperactive and deceptive terrorists, whose strategic goal is to smash the Middle East into little pieces so “Israel” can continue its genocidal expansion. The Zionist 9/11 coup triggered an acceleration of the Oded Yinon plan to annihilate and balkanize “seven countries in five years” (all of which were problems for Israel). But Erdogan should remember that just because Turkey wasn’t on that list doesn’t mean the Zionists aren’t planning to “Oded Yinon” Turkey, too. The Zionist-NATO war on Syria was designed to lure Erdogan into a disastrous compliance with the aggressors, setting the stage for the balkanization of Turkey, starting with a breakoff of the Kurdish regions. Massive terrorism is being used to destabilize Turkey in service to this end, and the Zionists are ultimately behind most if not all of it, whether or not it’s mediated by their NATO proxies.

I predict that, in 2017, the Zionist-dominated NATO-backed forces of Gladio B will wage open war on Turkey in hopes of destabilizing and destroying it, just as they have done with Syria. And with Bibi’s organized crime puppet Trump in office, they will have an even easier time getting away with it.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today 5 Comments [1/7/2017 4:30:21 PM]
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Bibi’s organized crime puppet Trump in office, they will have an even easier time getting away with it

Just a few weeks ago, there were those on 4chan's /pol/ who declared Donald Fart to be a race traitor for his appointing someone from Goldman Sachs.

I hope this sentiment spreads. Destroy Wiggy right from the start.

President of the United States is the most stressful job on Earth; see how in just eight years Obama's hair has gone grey? Same with Dumbya. Trumpo's gonna need tankerfuls of Grecian 2000: if that poor thing doesn't die due to psychological trauma; and the dead animal that was on it's head will be left homeless. >:D

Another axiom: the man cannot be bigger than the office of President of the US. Just ask Nixon & JFK. The former was nearly destroyed when he tried to be bigger: for all the wrong reasons. The latter was destroyed when he did the same: but for all the right reasons.

But one thing they had in their favour: political experience.

Donald Fart will be chewed up & spat out in the next four years. Running a country =/= running a business.

Watergate did for Nixon. The Poll Tax did for Maggie Thatcher (*spit*).

Something'll do for Wiggy: his appeasement of Putain? The paradoxes of Turkey & Israel imposed on him? Frankly, he's gonna wish Bruce Willis puts him out of our misery with a remote controlled 40mm cannon loaded with depleted uranium rounds before these four years are up. [/"The Jackal"]

And that's why only those who have had political experience should be allowed to run for president.

1/7/2017 6:07:00 PM


1/7/2017 6:24:04 PM


The crazy, it burns.

1/8/2017 1:38:24 AM

Sassage Flare

He speaks of overthrowing Erdogan like if that were a bad thing...

1/8/2017 7:44:59 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Odd, then, that relations between Turkey and Israel have been improving markedly over the last few months.

1/8/2017 12:14:29 PM

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