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The aliens have been with us for hundreds of years, in hiding. The aliens understand humans well, and especially know about marketing and propaganda. Marketing is all about associating good FEELINGS with a product or idea. This is called ‘anchoring’.

What better way to get a person to like aliens than have them see fun TV shows as a child? It has been shown that a person’s brainwaves are in a hypnotic trance within just one minute of watching television. How many people have been hypnotized to expect Mr. Scott of Star Trek to “beam me up Scotty” when in danger?

You learned from The Mars Records that it is simple for the aliens or military to open a portal into anyone’s bedroom, abduct them and then give them some scopolamine and hypnosis. The person will then do whatever they are told.

The excellent book Secret, Don’t Tell; The Encyclopedia of Hypntosism shows with records from court proceedings that anyone can be made to do anything with hypnosis and drugs, including rob a bank, prostitution and murder. Influencing a scriptwriter or an author is child’s play.


The Satanists in Hollywood have done much to help the aliens prepare for this harvest, at least since the release of “E.T.” in 1982. If you analyze this movie, you will see that while at first it appeared cute, in reality it had some very evil messages.

First of all, you have an alien who is similar in appearance to the grays, the same ones who regularly take people without their permission and operate on them. How would people feel if humans took them at night, without their permission, and operated on them, and removed body parts, without even paying them for it? This is evil beyond imagination.

E.T. also taught children to hide the truth from their parents, and that parents are not to be trusted. The whole movie was filmed from low down, from a child’s point of view – making adults look like tall, scary people, instead of the only people in the world who really care about that child.


Alien propaganda will have the best marketing, and will be in the most popular shows, such as:



Maybe I’m stretching a point there – but note the giant eyes, almost non-existent nose and monkey friend who is about the right size for a gray alien.


These almond shaped creatures do not look like anything like ponies. But they make some very colorful aliens.




When I was growing up, animals were my passion, so I was aware of everything animal around us. Naturally, as a warm blooded mammal, my main interest was in mammals, but also in birds, with some interest in reptiles. It would make sense that most children are like this.

Therefore, I was shocked when around 2006 we started visiting a lot of Science Museums. In the children’s section, museum after museum would have out 80% reptiles, and only 20% mammals and birds, or less, when it should be the other way around.

Dinosaurs were everywhere.They seldom ever even mention the dozens of different species of extinct mammals, many of which were larger than today’s mammals. Most of these went extinct suddenly 12,000 years ago. (Ref: Not by Fire, but by Ice)

Many people do not know that besides the woolly mammoth, there were at least 19 other species of prehistoric elephant, and many other species of giant rhinoceros, giant bears, giant camels, giant cats, giant sloths, giant kangaroos, giant wombats and many other strange mammals quite different from today’s mammals. Yet hardly a word of these at the museums. Do they perhaps not want us to realize that human giants existed then also, and right up until quite recent times?

Even when they had a live animal display, it was all snakes, turtles and lizards. Where were the guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, chickens and other warmblooded animals that are cheap to look after and show to children? It was this wild skewing towards all things reptilian that made us begin to see an orchestrated attempt around the world to get children to love reptilians and aliens.



“Knowing” was a creepy movie. It came out at the same time as the even creepier “Melancholia”. Both had a similar message – something is coming from outer space that will kill everyone on earth, whether a sunburst or a large planetary object.

If you want to control people through a message, the most important part of the movie to place the message is at the end of the movie. Knowing had an extra evil message thrown in right at the end – It showed a man who loved his child handing over his child to the aliens, who looked rather like fallen angels or Nordic aliens. He didn’t even question if that was a good idea or not.

You should not hand your child over to a strange human, and the same thing goes for strange aliens, no matter what promises (lies) they make.


Proving to people that aliens are real, before they make public disclosure, is difficult for many reasons including:

Aliens hide.

Aliens use mind control to stop people remembering when they get abducted (all that is needed is some scopolamine, plus hypnosis).

Hundreds of UFO researchers have been murdered. This has removed many of the best researchers, and is a major discouragement to further research.

Our school system is designed to make us think that ‘we know everything’ and not to think for ourselves or find new knowledge.

The government covers up evidence regularly. Most of the really good information is well hidden, but even when people have asked for them through the Freedom of Information Act, most of them come back looking like the image below. The Black Vault posted a lot of these on the internet. If there is nothing to hide, why do they have to black out everything?

Stephanie & Michael Relfe, Metatech 10 Comments [1/8/2017 2:58:30 PM]
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These almond shaped creatures do not look like anything like ponies. But they make some very colorful aliens.

They missed a trick with Changelings = Xenomorphs.

'I want to introduce you to a personal friend of mine!', 'Game Over, Mares, Game Over!' 'How can they cut the power? They're bugs!' 'I keep this handy... for Close Encounters'.

...and c'mon: Apone, by Celestia's beard!

Oh, and King Thorax. Destroyed argument, much?

1/8/2017 5:11:08 PM


1/8/2017 6:57:03 PM


You know what I would do if I were an alien invader? Pay some human to discredit alien invasion theories by making them seem utterly loony, thus leaving Earth unprepared when I came down to abduct them and harvest their organs.

1/8/2017 7:02:12 PM


My little alien? Well Dr. Whoves is a time lord.

1/9/2017 4:46:18 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't get it. TPTB are trying to get everyone to like & trust aliens, but they're also murdering UFO researchers so that people don't know about aliens?

1/9/2017 7:35:53 AM


But what about all the alien invasion movies and shows? How do they fit into your "theory"?

1/9/2017 8:35:35 AM


Citation required, and no, "My Favorite Martian" is NOT a technical citation.

1/9/2017 10:18:45 AM

The Reptilian Jew

So, in your rampant cherrypicking, you passed over our centennial dread of aliens, going back to the Cthulhu Mythos, War of the Worlds etc., and continuing until today with countless alien invasion flicks? Finally, did you forget about one immensely badass Warrant Officer Ripley who solved all her problems by setting them on fire or chucking them out the airlock? Because she wasn't exactly forgettable and made her very own heavy bootprint on human popculture. But I guess that can be ignored because it doesn't support your view.
You tell them Ellen:

1/10/2017 2:46:45 AM


Well I would certainly hope so. When we come in greater numbers, we'd like to be greeted warmly... Oh. You mean the bobbleheaded butt-probers.

Damn Greys. Such publicity hounds...

1/13/2017 12:16:51 PM


I think the teletubbies were supposed to be aliens but whatever.

1/28/2017 1:23:41 PM

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