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That and normies are dumb...they wonder why they're in debt and tired all the time.

Socializing js expensive AND tedious.

Living expenses suck enough... To have disposable income to "socialize" makes you go from needing a part time to full time job.

And socializing won't do you a damn bit of good if

1: You don't drive. Mostly an American thing. A lot of people here don't drive either but women expect you to chaufer them around like you're the God damn uber.

2: If you live with your parents. Many cultures go generations living together or at least help their parents pay the bills and vice versa. You love your parents but want to get far away from them? What? Independence is fine but it's not independence if it's mandatory now is it? (What's even dumber is women don't get this upset about room mates... But they do expect you to get your own property after being with them so they can control your fucking life.)

3: Normie passtimes are expensive. Video games are expensive too and honestly that's pretty fucking normie. Paying out the ass to get server banned and "get good fgt"

Non normie pastimes would probably include vegan cooking, bird watching, gardening, weirdly enough anything outside. Normies go outside but do they actually interact with the environment?

GetaPoas, /r/incels 21 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:39 PM]
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Insult to Rocks

Oh man, I've always suspected that there was a significant crossover between whiny jackasses who cheat in online games and incels. Now I have proof. Taste that delicious salt.

1/27/2017 7:11:15 PM


Oh poor you. It would be terrible if you were forced to get a real job. Tiny violin time.

1/27/2017 7:48:06 PM


Aww.... puddin.

You are tedious. And whiny... so there's that.

1/27/2017 8:19:46 PM



News just in: women find having a stable job, owning accomodation, being able to drive, having hobbies, personal hygiene, and GOING OUTSIDE attractive qualities (or more like basic prerequsites but moving on)

1/27/2017 10:11:52 PM


The lady in my life makes more money than I do.

Good for her, I say.

MAME, and downloaded ROMS. Also, 20 miles on a bike is better than any drug. When she invites me to her place, said girlfriend and yours truly talk about many things, play with her cat, have a meal, and trust me, that - coupled with the adrenalin after cycling - energises us for the sex we have

Being Normal. Feels good, man. >:D

1/28/2017 12:20:09 AM


I am what a "normies" and not in debt. I am tired because instead of whining, I do things. And I suffer of the aftermath of a dire infection.

SOcializing is not that expensive. None force you to go out every evening. And if you find it tedious, change your social circle. Assuming you have one.

spare me that crap. I had a part time job, survived on benefits and find times to socialize.

Well, I sop using a car in 2013 and driving in 2014 (PTSD). ANd I stll socialize, have friends.

Your point about living with your parents is dumb. People are supposed to take care of themselves. If you cannot because of economic problems, it can be understood, but if you don't want to, that mean you are just immature and smooching your parent hospitality.

You know that no one force you to buy videogames day one ? You can wait for cheaper sales on steam or gog.
RPG is not expensive too, you just need a core rulebook, dice and friend.

Stop whining and grow a spine.

1/28/2017 3:01:55 AM

Shepard Solus

Oh please. Your ass hasn't seen five uninterrupted minutes of sunlight since you left high school. And spying on the 13-year-old British girl across the street with a pair of binoculars is not "bird watching".

1/28/2017 4:01:14 AM


Paying out the ass to get server banned and "get good fgt"

It, of course, never once crosses your mind that the reason you get server banned every time is because of your complete inability to go five minutes without trying to force your contradictory and just plain untrue bullshit views about how, by virtue of being a man, the world owes you top-class pussy, down the throats of everyone who could see and read it.

When you're in the middle of a game of Domination, trying to capture the middle point before the enemy team can get it and effectively lock down two-thirds of the map, some spoiled fucking brat who's spending the whole game whining about stupid bullshit instead of fucking helping the team (or, possibly, only doing good because he's obviously hacking - for a day or two before the backdoor you were too stupid to look out for in that hack cripples your computer) is exactly the kind of person no one wants to deal with.

1/28/2017 4:58:46 AM


RPG is not expensive too, you just need a core rulebook, dice and friend.

You see their problem.

1/28/2017 6:40:19 AM


Incels were pissed off with the difficulty level of the game known as Life, so they disconnected from the server and now spend all their time bitching in spectator mode about how broken it is.

1/28/2017 8:24:51 AM


I guess I'm not a Normie then. Vegetarian, loves to cook and hang out outdoors during nice weather and game every freaking chance I get. Never been banned, never paid 'out the ass' for a game unless you count the few special editions I own (the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is the pride of my collection).

Also, I don't have a weird control fetish in regard to my family, in spite of being the primary breadwinner in my home. If I want to go out, I drive myself.

I am woman - hear me roar.


1/28/2017 9:35:39 AM


@ heleninedinburgh :

Yes, but RPG helped me to socialize when I was younger and to make friends.

So it is up to them to make the first step into ecoming a better person and put that incel crap to the gutter where it belong.

1/28/2017 9:39:31 AM

Thinking Allowed

When I hear all those conservatives telling the people with no money to get off their ass and get a job, I didn't realize they were talking about these guys.

1/28/2017 9:42:28 AM

Whore of Babylon

Pro-tip: you don't get server-banned if you don't act like a shitstain.

Pro-tip: It's not "living with your parents" that's the dealbreaker. It's "living with your parents AND NOT WANTING TO LEAVE" that's the dealbreaker. Every single person I've ever met who never wanted to leave their parents' place has been a thoroughly fucked up individual with a spine made of quicksand who couldn't take a shit without supervision and reassurance.

Pro-tip: those are definitely normie pastimes. And they are expensive as fuck.

1/28/2017 10:34:57 AM


I'm a "normie" and I love to photograph nature, especially Butterflies

I also shoot birds:

And also crickets:

I think you really know nothing about anything!

1/28/2017 11:17:23 AM

Man Called True

1. I don't drive because I never have or had the opportunity to practice. No one is willing to be the "licensed driver" - except my father, who is either A) working, B) sleeping, or C) watching so much television that he may as well be a fungus.

2. Yes, I live with my parents. Have you SEEN the job market? I can't afford to do anything else right now. Getting your own place is freaking expensive, and while I'd like to live alone, I simply don't have the money.

3. I'm a video gamer, but I couldn't give a shit about online gaming. However, I also play Magic: the Gathering, which is just as pricey but requires that you travel to social areas in order to play. Answer that, Geta.

And yes, I'm in debt and always tired, but that's because I do stupid things with my money (how the fuck do I have FOUR credit cards?!?) and I have bizarre sleep patterns. And I would go outside, but this is Minnesota in the winter.

So as every facet of your stereotype, I say unto you, Geta, go fuck yourself with a nine-iron.

1/28/2017 12:51:17 PM


Meeeh: I'm blown away by your pictures, especially the beautiful butterflies and cricket! Just gorgeous!

1/28/2017 2:39:53 PM

Funny, I manage to socialize regularly, play games, and meet people (two of which I am currently in a consenting ploy relationship with), all while having nearly zero income & not having had a car for a decade. Granted, my city has decent public transit that nearly everyone uses, so that helps.

1/28/2017 3:39:07 PM


Hmm...ok, so I'll give the guy a small iota of credit: socializing is hard work and often expensive if you do it regularly.

Still, all that says is that you're too lazy to actually care, so the 'in' part is wrong.

1/29/2017 5:56:49 PM


I have my driver's license but I don't own a car.

Funny, virtually all the women I've dated in the last few years didn't seem to mind this. Of course, I live in an area that has a (mostly) reliable public transit system.

1/30/2017 6:34:51 AM


Funny, I haven't owned a car since I came to the states, whereas my girlfriend drives us around all the time.

Living with your parents does put some sort of crimper on your sex life for privacy reasons, but honestly there's so many millenials doing it nowadays for financial reasons that I think it isn't as stigmatized as it used to be.

Depends on the pastime. Bars and restaurants can get expensive for sure, but you can find some pretty fun ways to socialize without doing that. We go hiking or picknicking in parks pretty often.

1/30/2017 4:36:38 PM

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