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(Hey all, instead of shitting on ace people for being ace,,, what if instead,,,, you didn’t???)

aceslation: “just let me be homophobic in peace!! god!!!!!!”

(Okay I want an honest answer here: how in this crazy reality does that even remotely translate to homophobia)

(Secondly…what the actual fuck did you really just use the word aceslation)

aceslation: it’s okay to overlook/excuse the homophobia of my peers as long as I’m not the one being homophobic

Aceslation, Tumblr 9 Comments [2/23/2017 11:28:36 AM]
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Happy Atheist

Being asexual means overlooking homophobia now? I honestly do not understand the sort of whackjob who hates on asexuals.

2/23/2017 11:44:12 AM


...how does not being sexually attracted to most people equate to homophobia? And how do they reconcile that with the existence of homoromantic asexuals?

2/23/2017 3:05:04 PM

Shepard Solus

Why not? It's apparently okay to act in the same manner towards another sexuality based on nothing more than the claim that "they started it".

@Happy Atheist
The kind that thinks "now it's our turn to be the oppressors".

I've heard the former accused of not really existing & faking it for attention while the latter are accused of being homosexuals who are too cowardly to come out completely. You know--the same things these nitwits say about bisexuals.

2/23/2017 4:20:21 PM


Not wanting to fuck you is not bigotry. Nice try, but, well, you catch more flies with honey, yeah?

2/23/2017 6:40:28 PM


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Asexual people need our support, because they, too, have been targeted by heterosexism in society. You want to act like a fuckhead? Don't do it under the guise of gay rights. Because you don't represent the gay community at large and certainly don't represent anything from me.

To asexuals: do not let this idiot make you think we dislike you. We don't. You're very much welcome to our community. We understand what it's like, to be expected to be one way and one way only due to societal bigotry and assumption.

You'd think all gay people would understand what oppression is like. Then again, Milo Yiannopoulos is around. Gay people can be assholes too.

2/23/2017 10:10:54 PM

Krogdor, Lord of sammichs

Holy fuck on a stick this was painfully stupid to read through.

2/24/2017 2:26:20 AM


I don't understand this targeting of asexuals.
I mean if you don't care for fucking why would anyone fucking care? (or even know?)

2/24/2017 5:15:33 AM

Doubting Thomas

How does not being interested in sex or romance make one homophobic?

2/24/2017 6:55:07 AM

Pink Jackboots

I'd like to see things from your point of view, but unfortunately, My head doesn't fit up my own ass.

2/24/2017 7:38:42 AM

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