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Area 51 is the name for the Groom Lake government compound, outwardly maintained by the United States Air Force, but inwardly operated by those in the high levels of the Occult. Despite the stories of Roswell and popular ideas of aliens associated with groups backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, there aren't any aliens at the compound, but rather genetically engineered creatures that were made in laboratories that look like what we perceive aliens to be.

The plan is concurrent with the Staged Alien Invasion agenda, and follows the Nazi plan in motion from World War II from which they made the helium engine flying saucers. The summation of the plan is to implement a fake alien invasion, convincing people of aliens being real and attempting to insinuate that the Holy Bible is inaccurate. The agenda is in line with the teachings of the Necronomicon, that creators came from outer space.

MizzouLife, New World Order Wiki 2 Comments [4/15/2017 11:07:30 AM]
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Hu's On First

The Necronomicon? Does he think Abdul Alhazred was a real person now?

4/15/2017 10:56:33 PM


Or maybe he thinks Ash Williams is real.

Klatu Verata Ni-mumble

4/19/2017 1:50:10 PM

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