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I was explaining to a construction crew leader what the planes were doing above as we speak and spraying us with heavy metals and who knows what other…stuff? He reluctantly asked why would they be doing that so I told him and of course I didn't have my tinfoil hat on so he mistook me for just another useless idiot but the gentleman had never heard of physics taking the day off 9/11 so when I showed him and his partner Building 7 two minute orange comparison so for their first time they found out about building 7 and they were stunned. I asked them as I walked away why do you think you never saw this till today? ProPaganDUH media Tell-Lie-Vision has you guys "Programmed" a,d that steel bucket under your backhoe will melt too if you hold a big lighter under it long enough. Deepwater Horizon was a fast fuel fed fire that had all the air, heat and fuel it could gather and still took 36-38 hours to melt into the Gulf.


Adam Coleman, Geoengineering Watch 4 Comments [4/15/2017 11:07:47 AM]
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Why the hell are twoofers so obsessed with Buliding 7? Yeah, it did collapse, destroying NY's emergency operations center, but the building had long since been evacuated (as it didn't collapse untill around 5:20 PM local/Eastern time) so no one died.

4/15/2017 1:16:40 PM

Jamaican Castle

Building 7 collapsed because it was hit with flaming chunks of one of the other towers. It's not exactly a mystery. At the same time, nobody really cares because the two main towers were far more dramatic and had nearly all of the casualties.

Also, Deepwater Horizon was a completely different environment - the ignition source was different, the fuel was different, the oxygen supply was different, and it was surrounded by a massive thermal sink in the form of the ocean. Is it any surprise that a building literally surrounded by water takes longer to burn down? Not to mention, being a modern heavy industrial rig, it was built to very different tolerances than a decades-old general-purpose office building.

Basically, the comparison is apples to road flares. And not even red apples.

4/15/2017 8:56:12 PM


If he'd done this with some construction workers here in the UK, one of them would get their phone out and surreptitiously call the police.

Who would arrest this retard under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act.

There's an extremely good reason why we Brits don't allow loonies the legal right to vote, Adam Coal-for-brains.

4/16/2017 4:40:25 PM

Dr. Razark

"Why the hell are twoofers so obsessed with Buliding 7?"

Because it collapsed, but wasn't hit by a plane.
Therefore, the only logical conclusion (for them) is that it was intentionally destroyed as part of some vast conspiracy.

4/17/2017 7:23:27 AM

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