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When TPTB or NWO needs more slaves

When they need more slaves to fuel their machine, they start the invasion of other countries.

They want the slaves and resources.


The power over the physical bodies it controls.

The Eagle eye that oversees all below.

Their plan is to replace you all soon.


Their plan is almost complete.

They were using social media to build the A.I. based
off of human profiles and social media interactions.
As a matter of fact, many people on social media have communicated with A.I. bots without their knowledge. You assumed it was just another new friend/real person.

People need to wake up quick before it's too late.

They only need people for a short time longer before their A.I. is ready to replace people.





It's going to get ugly soon.

You know deep inside that it's true, but many feel the need to go on as if nothing is happening.

Following the rest of the sheep over the cliff's edge.

We must all help eachother to awaken to the deceit and their manipulation tactics. They are pros at it. Afterall, they've been doing it for thousands of years.

They even used Marylyn to piss off J.F.K.'s wife, so that when wanted him gone, the wife wasn't a problem.

Marylyn was a pawn. They got rid of her before she revealed the truth later in life.

They attack their enemies using your weakness.

They control most in the Seats of control by their weaknesses.

Sex, Drugs, Money and so on.

H.R.C. had lots of dirt that she instigated and created on many for them. She is one of their prized puppets.

Now you know why she isn't in jail.

She has too much dirt on too many in high positions.

The rabbit hole goes real deep.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [4/15/2017 11:13:25 AM]
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They were using social media to build the A.I. based
off of human profiles and social media interactions.

That would create the dumbest AI ever.

4/15/2017 12:00:03 PM





...then I suggest you do so with the film "Colossus: The Forbin Project".

The AI Colossus/Guardian wanted to save humanity: from itself.

4/16/2017 4:21:32 PM

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