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Regardless of what one may think of the North Korean system -- and we suspect, as rare western visitors to the country have alleged, that the situation is not quite as bad as what the Piranha Press leads us to believe -- North Korea poses no threat of any kind to any of its neighbors. So then, why the harsh sanctions and perennial warmongering toward North Korea by the Globalist-Zionist Axis of Evil? There are two familiar reasons:

1. North Korea fiercely guards its sovereignty and has no use for The New World Order.

2. Israel regards North Korea as an enemy state because it sells advanced technology to Syria, Egypt and Iran. (here)

It's that simple.

Such is Israel's hatred for North Korea that it murdered 10 visiting North Korean scientists / technicians during an air-strike on an alleged Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007. (here) But you didn't hear of this event on the "Fake News" because we aren't supposed to know that America's perpetual wars have anything to do with eliminating Israel's innocent enemies. From The Great One of Germany, to Hussein of Iraq, to Qaddafi of Libya, to Assad of Syria, to Kim of North Korea, it's always some phony pretext about "human rights" or "weapons of mass destruction" that's fed to us as the reason for hating on the "bad-guy-of-the-month." And with every successful "regime change," the usual suspects will pop open a bottle of Manischewitz and drink and masturbate to the death of yet another "evil dictator" as TV-addicted Boobus Americanus cheers: USA! USA! USA!

1- Operation Orchard was blacked out of the Israeli and US press for 7 months, even though the CIA knew that it had happened. Most of the dead were North Koreans. 2. Trumpstein-Satanyahu-Kushner-Ivanka are now simultaneously threatening the same two countries that were targeted by Operation Orchard -- North Korea and Syria.

This piece by Slimes' scribbler Mark Landler (cough cough) offers up the usual disinformation regarding true motives behind Trumpstein's sabre-rattling across the Pacific Ocean. Let's examine just a few lines.

Landler: President Trump’s deployment of an aircraft carrier to the waters off the Korean Peninsula ...

Analysis: Isn't it interesting how Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press, in the wake of Trumpstein's recent warmongering, have started respectfully referring to him more and more as "President Trump" and less and less as "Mr. Trump?"

Landler: But the show of American force conceals a lack of better options for dealing with the provocations of the rogue government in North Korea.

Analysis: What "provocations?" Why is North Korea a "rogue government?" Unlike Israel and its American attack-bitch, North Korea has neither attacked nor threatened any other nation. To the contrary, the North Koreans have expressed a desire to sit down and talk with Trumpstein. Indeed, the only reason why North Korea maintains such a large and formidable military is to prevent the US and its South Korean vassal from attacking it.

Landler: China’s president, Xi Jinping, did not make any public commitment to tighten the pressure on North Korea during his meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., last week with President Trump. Even privately, officials said, he was circumspect.

Analysis: In other words, China knows that the North-Korea is harmless and should be left alone.

Landler: And an attack on North Korea carries far greater risk than the missile strike ordered last week to punish President Bashar al-Assad of Syria

Analysis: Darn right, it's risky. North Korea has "nukes" and a super-powered friendly neighbor to its north (China).

Landler: .. to punish President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for his deadly chemical weapons attack.

Analysis: Liar! The attack was a false-flag -- if it even happened at all.

Landler: The White House is likely to pursue so-called secondary sanctions, which target Chinese firms and banks that help North Korea earn foreign currency and finance its weapons programs. The question is whether the Chinese government will cooperate with the effort, and if it does not, whether Mr. Trump will impose the sanctions unilaterally, even at the risk of rupturing the relationship between Washington and Beijing.

Analysis: The North-Korea-hating Zionists don't care if we end up at war with China. And pay no mind to the dangerous disinformation we keep hearing about how China has grown sick & tired of North Korea's antics and wants to see the Kim Dynasty fall. The two nations have, since 1961, been party to the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty, whereby China is bound to render military aid by all means to North Korea against any outside attack. This treaty was extended twice and is currently valid until 2021. (here) -- Funny how Landler and his ilk never seem to mention that Treaty.


As it is in Syria, so too it is in the Korean peninsula. We are just one Israeli false-flag attack from being stampeded into another "Remember the Maine" moment. Such a stunt would actually be easier to pull-off under Korean waters than on Syria's land. You see, Israel's state-of-the-art submarines, sold to them at a deep-discount by the pathetic Germans, have the capacity to prowl all of the world's waters and even launch missiles. Who would dare to accuse "our ally" of taking out an American vessel in Korean waters? Or of hitting Hawaii? No, sir. That would be "anti-Semitic," don't you know?

We are not predicting this nightmare submarine scenario. Suffice it to say that the arrival of American warships in Korea and China's front yard will be an event fraught with danger on many levels. Thank you, President Kushner.

The public has already been conditioned to fear North Korean submarine and missile attacks. Who would ever suspect Israel?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that Trump is sending warships to the Korean peninsula.

Boobus Americanus 2: That little fat Kim fellow needs to be taught a lesson.

Sugar: Zzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzz"

Editor: Recent events are starting to take a real toll on baby's delicate emotions.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 9 Comments [4/18/2017 11:22:09 AM]
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North Korea has advanced tech? Since when?

... and why is Mike the Nazi King defending an (ostensibly) Communist regime? Has he given up on Trump? Is anyone other than us reading this drivel?

4/18/2017 12:19:39 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Is anyone other than us reading this drivel?

Mike King.

4/18/2017 2:18:39 PM

Okay, here we have a self-proclaimed Nazi gushing over a communist state. I have always thought the horseshoe theory to be bullshit but I can't fathom any other reason for this quote to exist.

4/18/2017 2:28:36 PM

Jamaican Castle

North Korea only "fiercely guards" its sovereignty because no one else wants it. If China decided they were more trouble than they were worth and committed its forces to an attack, I'm sure they'd have the country rolled up inside of 24 hours.

4/18/2017 2:43:25 PM


Isn't it interesting how Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press, in the wake of Trumpstein's recent warmongering, have started respectfully referring to him more and more as "President Trump" and less and less as "Mr. Trump?"

1. Yes, this warmongering is stupid.

2. Personally, it seems to have been President Trump ever since the inauguration. Obviously, it wasn't Pres Trump before.

North Korea only "fiercely guards" its sovereignty because no one else wants it. If China decided they were more trouble than they were worth and committed its forces to an attack, I'm sure they'd have the country rolled up inside of 24 hours.

Not convinced. Playing defense doesn't require advanced weapons; all you need to do is be good at hiding, and wait for the aggressor to give up. That's why North Korea still exists.

4/18/2017 4:26:15 PM


And now we know where Doug & Dinsdale got that tactical thermonulear warhead that the latter's friend - a certain chief constable - carried, to threaten Luigi Vercotti into buying one of their fruit machines for £750,000.

It's certainly why certain Trumptards on 4chan's /pol/ went into meltdown this weekend. They were expecting 'Habbidings': WWIII, instead they got their heads nailed to the floor.. [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

If Dim Dong Dumb doesn't want to be taken for a scrape round to a certain place to meet Doug & Dinsdale, a couple of film producers & Charles Paisley the Baby Crusher at their gaff's conversation pit: chained to the back of a Pokpung Ho, frankly it would be in his best interests to put on a whippet suit.

So as to have his head bitten off by a bloke called 'Kierkegaard'. It would be infinitely better than to pull your own head off after being exposed to Doug's use of Sarcasm. Dramatic Irony, Metaphor, Pathos, Puns, Parody, Litotes and... Satire.

...oh, and that cheque had better not bounce for those watches you ordered. Y'know, Donald Fart... the North Korean watches; schtum, schtum!


4/18/2017 5:47:38 PM


Who the fuck is "Sugar?"

Also, this dude appears to support any political leader, regardless of ideology, who is totally evil. If magic were real, he would be pro-Voldemort.

Although it is true that attacking North Korea without Chinese cooperation would be a terrible idea. Trump might do it, too.

4/19/2017 12:14:25 PM


Sugar is his cat. Mike likes to personify the critter.

4/19/2017 2:25:44 PM


Yes, baby Mike is not happy that the world isn't working according to his theories. It's taking a real toll on his emotional state. He's even supporting Best Korea...

Also, funny how he buys the state line about Best Korean military excesses and advances being for defensive purposes rather than aggression against the south, Japan, and their apparent greatest enemy: The Ocean.

4/20/2017 7:56:21 AM

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