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Females in a nutshell

Femoids have no right to complain. They live life on easy mode.

They always, always find some stupid shite to complain.

Females will deny this as always.

They hate when their true nature is exposed.

Obviously they would deny anything that exposes them. They are manipulative and vapid.

I bet the bald guy has raped kids too

I just recently joined this sub yesterday, and I want to thank you for creating this. This is how I feel a lot of the times. Everything illustrated speaks volumes to how I've felt for a very long time, and I'm sick & tired of it all. I guess this is the world some of us face now.

Glad the bald guy is portrayed as a chad so as not to give baldcels ammo. Chicks like attractive men- with or without hair, and dislike unattractive men- with or without hair.

This is what the whores on FAWomen talk about. They're so fucking stupid. Even the sluts on FA talk about this and seriously believe they are forever alone. Females are degenerate as fuck and hypocritical. They are contradictions.

http://imgur.com/a/1sMwp do they even know what they are saying? Seriously look at this shit. FA women = had boyfriend, Chad dumped me now I can't find new Chad cuz mind is fucked from hard pounding of old Chad

Oh my god, I think I've seen a female user with a username just like that who used to post on AmIUgly and I saw her post history and she used to post on these dating subs about advice and mentioned she had one night stands with guys and did everything but have intercourse. What the fuck? Females are extremely degenerate liars and retarded. She's lying. I bet she's extremely shallow and picky just like every other female.

My mind is so fucking numb now man I cant even think straight. I cant argue with these females and cucks anymore, its too exhausting. Females are all evil and retarded.

Yes she posted on amiugly before and rateme today. The only reason women post on those subs is to inflate their egos from. Beta males.

I think she used to comment here a lot too. Claimed she was different, bullshit. They're all the fucking same lying shallow evil people.

It's just funny how she thinks she's FA when she's hooked up with guys before and had a boyfriend. Females are fucking stupid.

various incels, r/Incels 8 Comments [8/10/2017 3:27:57 PM]
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The sort of thing the comic portrays does happen occasionally... but that's not most women. Meanwhile, the men in the background aren't incels. They have happy, fulfilling lives, likely including a relationship with someone who doesn't fall for narcissistic douchebags.

8/10/2017 10:13:33 PM


Say it with me boys; if she goes for "douchebags", chances are she's a douchebag too.

And if you dipshits would take the gym rat party girls you have a love/hate relationship with down of the pedestal you have them on because they're "hot", and you're just as shallow as you constantly whine women are, you'd realize that they're shitty people.

8/11/2017 5:42:52 AM


I hope to the almighty creator that these creatures aren't talking about the FA I'm familiar with. I'd like to think that, for all its screwed up glory, my fandom is insulated from this fucked up little cult.

It also saddens me that they manage to find new members. Still hoping their cult dies out.

8/11/2017 6:22:47 AM


>I hope to the almighty creator that these creatures aren't talking about the FA I'm familiar with.

I think he's referring to "Forever Alone".

I have to give those guys credit; at least they're able to accept their shortcomings and are open to receiving advice on how they can improve themselves, unlike "incels".

Hell, I made an attempt to troll them that backfired in the most pleasant way. I made a post just before Valentine's Day telling them to buck up because there was going to be plenty of discounted candy following Valentine's Day, fully expecting a bunch of "HOW DARE YOU MOCK MY PAIN!!!" responses.

A lot of the responses surprised me with FA's users thanking me for giving them something to look forward to.

See "incels"? Even the sad sacks in r/foreveralone can find something to look forward to.

Edit: And I have to agree, it seems more like the guys in the background are staring in disbelief at a trainwreck.

8/11/2017 6:37:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

While that does happen, that doesn't mean all women are like that. And when you're single & lonely it seems like you notice it a lot more. And like has been pointed out, if she keeps going for shallow men she's likely to be shallow as well and not someone you want a long term relationship with.

8/11/2017 7:02:54 AM


Maybe search for someone other than those pumped up barbies? No, they`re beneath you? Got it, so are you to women and now you know why.

8/11/2017 8:13:52 AM


You actually imagine yourselves to be the guys in the background talking with friends out in the daylight and generally acting like normal people that aren't dementedly obsessed with a singular activity to the exclusion of everything else in life? You idiots are always either putting as much distance between yourselves and other human beings as you can or else hovering around targets of your obsession with no regard for personal space or any other kind of discomfort that is not your own. And then on the rare occasions when you work up the nerve to actually interact with people outside of blatant insults or immediate sexual propositions everything about your mannerisms is completely unnatural coming off as bad acting at the absolute kindest. Ever see the movie Food Fight? You're like a live action version of that. A more accurate caption would be if those three men clearly hated each other and spent every panel sneering, glowering, muttering venomous invectives, and inventing myriad nonsensical excuses to rage quit at living within seconds of any event not matching a bizarre personal fantasies even when it would appear to be a good thing.

And that's just what's wrong with how you see yourselves; how you see other people is even more disconnected from reality to the point where a lot of you claim that only a fifth of all men have ever had anything resembling a relationship, that all of those men are basically gods walking the Earth but also stuck in permanent raging asshole mode, and that each of those men have had sex with every single woman ever. Which presents a bit of a logical stumbling block when you take into consideration the percentage of the population that is married.

8/11/2017 10:23:18 AM


>Maybe search for someone other than those pumped up barbies? No, they`re beneath you?

Hey c'mon, "incels" and "Nice Guys"TM aren't shallow, they "have standards".

That's something I always feel like asking these dipshits about the gym rat party girls they have a love/hate relationship with; will you ultimately have anything in common with them? I mean if it was me, I'd want nothing to do with any women who went for guys like that based purely on the fact that I would have nothing in common with them.

Case in point, in high school I had a crush on a pretty popular girl who dated a Gino, the Canadian equivalent of Guidos. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have had nothing in common with her and frankly, I can't believe I had a crush on someone with such horrible taste in boys. Which I'm sure she probably thinks now too.

This was before Jersey Shore transformed that sub-culture into a complete joke.

8/11/2017 11:28:47 AM

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