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This sub likes to look back with rose tinted glasses on earlier times when forced monogamy was the norm, but even in those days, wives hated their incel husbands. Weak men were disrespected and abused, and undoubtedly cuckolded by Chad. Most of our sort probably didn't make it to adulthood. The root of the problem was never getting a girlfriend: it's genetic inferiority. Marrying someone wouldn't ever fix that.

What this question really asks is whether or not there's a solution for ugliness / shortness / lack of physical presence.
The reproductive process is merciless. It combines and recombines genes to produce offspring with the greatest possible variation. As a result, we've come far as a species. You've possibly experienced the effects of it. You, a scrawny balding incel might have siblings who are in all respects Chads. It's unfortunate, but we are the deadweight of a system made to optimize the species as a whole. In a different time, we might have died young.

What's good for the species isn't necessarily good for the individual.
Either way, living as an incel in the modern world is a pain. We're caught between our sex drives and our inability to attract females, delusional normies will lie to us and promise that no woman cares about physical attraction, and we have to live knowing that a tall and handsome Chad would have an easier time in life than we would, no matter what he tries to do.

Females are a pain. I can't befriend them, I can't fuck them, and despite that my biology demands that I try. I can't get close to one without my heartbeat rising, and I can't hit on them without committing a small act of social suicide. They want me to make money and pay for their lifestyles while feeding me the idea that "someone" is out there for me. It's the worst kind of carrot-and-stick.

In all truth they do not want me. They don't want a short man with a narrow jaw and a recessive maxilla. I can't even disagree. I don't want to be me either, but so far the showers and haircuts haven't changed a damn thing. I'd never really be on equal footing with a girl, so might as well call it quits. They're beyond my reach.

We are at least alive and free to be wageslaves, cucks and beta providers. Slavery in so many words. Or, we might choose to be wizards, shunning humanity and living solely to escape reality through autistic hobbies and fiction. That's another way to be a bit happy. Another personal cope. But give up on social success and on dominance in any normie's field.

Chad dominates business as well as sports. The only things that'll elevate an incel are extreme intelligence and an autistic focus on a narrow subject, or dominance in some computer game. And yet he'll be mocked. After all, he's just a nerd virgin.

Everything in society is about sex. Your value to others is almost always equal to your ability to get pussy. I'm checking out of that primate game; I was never made to play it. This is a legacy of genetic failure that's finally met its dead end.

cbananaof, r/incels 3 Comments [8/11/2017 12:26:22 PM]
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The only thing you got right is that you lot look at the past with rose tinted glasses.

8/11/2017 4:08:21 PM


It'll improve once you grow up past puberty, but your adulthood seems sadly stunted.

8/11/2017 4:51:50 PM


Again with the "cuck" bullshit.

I keep saying that a bunch of manbabies whining on the internet really aren't in any position to call other men weak.

But hey, whatever you need to do to convince yourself that you aren't completely pathetic.

8/14/2017 5:39:11 AM

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