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Breischeidplatz: Islam gets scrapped as the reason for the murder

Even if the memorials aren't official, were changing and if it were always other people who brought something to it, the procedure here is a symbol for the behavior of this clearly disturbed societal majority on the subject of Islam and its followers. Disguise, conceal, repress - so that we can live better, so that we don't get suspect of being a "Nazi".

The deaths? For them candles get lit, half-hearted monuments get erected, so that we can feel ourselves better and if we don't announce the reason for the act, we're also on the secure side.

Islam is a bloodthirsty monster, its followers and grueling murderers willing tools. The cowards and the better humans of our society are also guilty, because their behavior makes it easy for this hate and death cult to continue. This is why some AfD politicians and almost everyone, who isn't very left-wing, but rather often can only be recognised as a conservative, quicker on the ball as to what is the true reason for these uncountable deaths, persecutions and damages.

The Islam is the root of all this evil and everyone who doesn't only not oppose it, but also defends this murder ideology isn't any better. They wash their hands in the blood that the Islam shed and even say that it's sublime. They stretch when the Muslims are doing it over others and shame with it the memory of the deaths caused by Islam.

L.S. Gabriel, PI News 7 Comments [9/1/2017 2:05:40 AM]
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Sounds a lot like Christianity for the majority of its existence.

9/1/2017 4:22:35 AM


Tune in for more PI News tomorrow, at 3:14 AM and 3:14 PM.

9/1/2017 5:08:58 AM


Replace "Islam" with "religion", "Muslims" with "religious" and it's still just as valid.

Usually, only people who sound and act like Nazis are suspected of being Nazis (no scare-quotes needed).

9/1/2017 6:34:41 AM


Horrible people use Islam as an excuse to do horrible things. If you destroy Islam those people would just find another excuse to do horrible things. That would not solve the problem just redirect it.

9/1/2017 7:17:07 AM


Despite what happened in London some months ago, this memorial still exists not far from where it happened:

Guess who's Mayor of London:

Your call.

9/1/2017 8:32:33 AM


Christian history. It sounds much like Islam

9/1/2017 9:06:17 AM


It definitely didn't get scrapped.

9/2/2017 4:45:13 AM

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