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(Grandiose trolling of German Neonazi at press conference)

Uwe Faust: "My name is Uwe Faust from the party The Party (Translator's note: founded by a satirical magazine). I'd like to ask Mister Best a question. Mister Best, according to Federal Building Code, Section 126, every owner is obliged to label his parcel with the number assigned by the municipality, Now, I've noticed, shockingly, that many house numbers in Völklingen are marked in Arabic numerals.

What would you like to do against this creeping foreign domination?"

(audience roars with laughter)

NPD (Nazi) Mayorship candidate Otfried Best: "Just wait until I am Lord Mayor, Mister Faust! I will change that. Well, we'll put normal numerals in place!"

@Original German:

Uwe Faust: "Mein Name ist Uwe Faust von der Partei Die Partei. Ich hätte eine Frage für den Herrn Best. Herr Best, laut Baugesetzbuch, Paragraph 126, ist jeder Eigentümer verpflichtet, sein Grundstück mit der durch die Gemeinde vorgegebene Nummer zu kennzeichnen. Jetzt ist mir erschreckend aufgefallen, dass in Völklingen viele Hausnummern mit arabischen Zahlen gekennzeichnet sind.

Wie möchten Sie gegen diese schleichende Überfremdung vorgehen?"

Otfried Best: "Da warten Sie mal ab, Herr Faust, bis ich Oberbürgermeister bin. Da werd ich das ändern. Da werden doch ma' normale Zahlen drankommen."

Otfried Best, YouTube 13 Comments [9/1/2017 2:12:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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9/1/2017 2:38:41 PM


In his defence. Our numerals aren't arabic, they are Indo-Uzbek. It's just that they were later adopted by Arabs of which Europeans got the written documents and that they were then called Arabic.

Though if we want to be fair, even that is a little bit too easy. Our current numerals have also been influenced by Babylonians (ex. square root), Greeks (ex. pi) and Germans (ex. Euler's number and complex numbers).

9/1/2017 2:52:12 PM



The international decimal numeral system (0123456789) is traditionally called the "Arabic Numeral System" in English. The fact that it's a misnomer doesn't matter; you shouldn't complain about an epidemic when you obviously know nothing about it! It's like asking for a pork chop made from authentic Guineas Pigs, or asking why Indians in the Americas aren't traditionally Hindu.

And the square root sign isn't a numeral. It's part of mathematical notation, yes, but it's not a numeral.

9/1/2017 3:11:47 PM


It's amazing these nutjobs are still falling for that one. It's not new. If I recall correctly, an American politician fell for it too. It may have been Sarah Palin, I'm not sure.

Here's a photo from 2015. The sign on the right reads: "deport Arabic numerals by MMXVI".

9/1/2017 3:39:23 PM

Philbert McAdamia

I put together a road rally a few years ago. In the instructions I warned
I was using both Roman and Arabic numerals. You should have seen the confused faces.

9/1/2017 4:15:00 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

*sniffle* They should have sent a poet, to capture how beautiful that was - and in more than one way.

9/1/2017 6:01:32 PM


They are actually Hindu-Arabic numerals, which I'm sure make them even more loathsome to Herr Best.

9/1/2017 11:49:08 PM



You're right, but square roots such as the square root of 2 can't be expressed as a fraction. Most mathematicians would end right there and say that that's the answer. Again, whether or not you count this as notation is completely up to you, but that was my reason for classifying it as one.

Come to think of it, the square root of 2 can also be expressed as 2 to the power of 1/2. So I might indeed be wrong on that one.


But how are we going to express negative numbers? Or complex numbers? And what about all other Arabic inventions? Did you know they were the first to differentiate between acids and bases? Are we going to abstain from the idea that acid tastes like, well, acid?

9/2/2017 12:30:00 AM


"NPD (Nazi) Mayorship candidate Otfried Best"

Is the worst.

9/2/2017 1:10:57 AM


Uwe Faust, you have my respect and admiration.

Anybody who has the talent to make Nazis look even stupider than usual gets respect.

9/2/2017 5:22:41 AM


The main problem with things like this is that, no matter how funny and embarrassing we find them, they don't change a goddam thing. Just as when Trump spews off his horrible garbage, his devotees couldn't care less. Even his oh so religious and supposedly oh so righteous christian followers, especially the holier-than-thou evangelicals don't give a fuck when he brags about grabbing womens' pussies and all the rest. As long as he's a hard core bigot and racist, full of public hate towards everything that's not borderline white supremacy, they'll stick their heads up his ass as far as they can no matter what he says.

Same for the NDP, AfD, etc. followers.

9/2/2017 10:41:08 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

This is beautiful.

@checkmate: "Borderline" white supremacy? You're being too kind.

9/2/2017 1:26:32 PM


Normal numerals? Latin numerals are only normal when dating TV programs and movies in the end credit.

9/4/2017 5:04:34 AM

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