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I actually dont care what those asians that i encounter on the walks think. I dont care what most people think about me. and i have never been harassed by irvine cops other than to be told to put my small 9 pound dog on leash. there is no emotional hurt, i just wish people in irvine were friendlier. im used to being the minority, from my days at USC, to public accounting to the corporate world, part of my success in my career is due to my ability to assmiliate. also, i tower over most of the irvine asians, if not all of them, so i at least got that over them ;-) and i took one of their woman as my wife so she doesnt have to suffer through a lifetime of small pipi's :-)

qwerty, Talk Irvine 1 Comments [9/2/2017 1:49:23 PM]
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Hu's On First

I'm pretty sure you DON'T have a big penis, qwerty.

9/2/2017 9:12:33 PM

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