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(Uncle Coz): Disgusted. That's the word. The niggers are demanding, and getting their way, that all the memorials, statues, and history of the Confederate south be removed or destroyed. One by one our monuments and memorials have been removed. Now they want to destroy Stone Mountain, GA. What's next? Will the jig-a-boos demand that we take George Washington off the money because he owned slaves? Will we have to tear down the Washington monument in D.C.? I ask you fellow humans, where will this shit stop?

(Proudwhiteman): This is precisely why we need to install white leadership that will take the necessary steps to restore the correct balance of power. I.e., niggers in their place doing the menial labor jobs within their mental capabilities. Whites running the government and handling high-skill/administrative functions.

(jack2520): You are absolutely right! Whites should be running the government in any white-majority nation--and even places like the former Rhodesia and South Africa. When us whites ruled the roost, things were very good and crime and filth was quite low. Niggers were kept in their places and they knew not to act uppity. Nigger animals' mental capacities are not great. The average NAPA has an IQ of about 80; the average pure Africoon has an IQ of about 65.

(Peterbiltdriver): I am absolutely disgusted. Niggers are practically worshipped. It's truly sickening. Magic niggers on tv, explaining stuff to humans as though the themselves understand it, rather than reading a script. In the city 20 miles away, where we go to nigmart, a couple years ago there weren't many nigs at all, now there are plenty. It makes me sad, and wary. Niggers suck.

(Picaninny Rail): Pretty soon they will start burning books and re writing history, so all proof will be gone there, too. The Emancipation Proclamation will no longer be taught in school, because any reminder of slavery will probably be deemed offensive. Niggers will have a harder and harder time playing the race card. I love it!

Uncle Coz, Proudwhiteman, jack2520, Peterbiltdriver, and Picaninny Rail, Niggermania 1 Comments [9/3/2017 7:09:26 AM]
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Because the Confederate South is such a great thing to be proud of. What's next? Complaining that Nazi monuments got destroyed in the aftermath of WW2?

9/3/2017 8:12:23 AM

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