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Well, no one who is really a threat to the Jews is allowed to become president.

Even in non-Jewish countries (countries where exists much less jewish power & control) when the former president was replaced because of one of many Jewish revolutions (they call “Russian revolution,” “Arab Spring” or whatever) and the ‘revolutionary’ successor does not do what Zion wants him to do, like Egypt/Mursi, this guy will be replaced within few weeks.

Mursi,after turning away from Saudi Arabia (Saudis been put in power by the Brits and moving towards Iran he was replaced by Sisi. Now Egypt is a buttkisser of Israel and Saudis again.

Therefore-Trump being in power for more than 10 weeks means:

a) either a trojan horse from the beginning

b) he sold himself

c) the worldwide spy program PRISM got many things about him in the past years.

And besides that, you can be sure that every person of significance in the Western world and all non jewish billionaires are “observed” by the tribe in a very aggressive way.

That’s why US politics never will/can change.

As the founder of PNAC (a Jew of course) said:We need politicians who can be blackmailed.

I’d even tend to choose c) as answer, as Trump did some things I never thought he will do: Abandoning TPP and the climate agreements.

Very unusual to scrap 2 things which were designed for the fascist globalization(disguised, once again). But since then:

Same ol’ same ol’ money wasting,more war, more military spending.

No surprise as:

A Zionist won’t leave your country until he gets what he wants, gets or destroy everything good.

And since Zionism and Communism occurred, even the culture of every country is systematically targeted, subverted & destroyed, because all countries teach values which are the opposite of Talmud teachings and only people without identity indoctrinated with Talmudic values will not oppose their perversions.

As Afghanistan has a lot to offer the jackpot in ressources), the US army has to stay there until Zion gets the complete resource-control.

And getting out of Afghanistan would mean that an independent Afghanistan would turn away from USA and towards Russia in terms of business.

They’d never allow this.

Zebo, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/3/2017 7:09:33 AM]
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