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So I just got back from rural Virginia where I enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and rustic culture this country has to offer. And the best part is I only saw 5 niggers in one week! I know its almost unbelievable. But actually the unbelievable part is where I found them: in the woods. Here I am just enjoying the cool moist air, the sounds of nature and what do I hear but screeching and down the path comes 5 Haitians monkeys that give me the most contentious look they can muster. It made me chuckle a bit because I'm a gun carrying human and they'll never be anything but subhuman parasites.

So a few days later we go out to a bar but before leaving my buddy jokingly asks the owner of the home (and mother of our friends) we were staying in if he can bring a girl back to the house. She ever so casually replied "just so long as she isnt a nigger lover" she realized what she had said and tried to cover her ass with some PC bullshit but I reassured her that she was indeed correct with her first statement and should never apoloyize for her beliefs.

The next night I asked what made her dislike niggers and she went on to explain that growing up she had never been taught to hate niggers because there just weren't any around. It was only as an adult, working "with" niggers, that she saw their true nature. She saw how they destroy anything they touch. She is an amazing individual and I respect her so much. It makes me happy to know there are still some people who arent afraid to be secure in their own culture.

Great vacation, great people. Can't wait to go back.

Side note: NM isn't blocked on the works Wi-Fi. Someone in IT is an undercover NM. Best part of work.

Nignigmcnig, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/3/2017 7:10:00 AM]
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