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Funny in the Garden of Eden the first nigger on white murder occurred when CAIN killed ABEL mostly because Adam, Eve And Abel where ALL white and being jealous of his brother cain slew Abel. In GEN ch 4:verse 9 " God= Cain, where is your brother Abel ? " Cain replies= " I donts know, is i beez my bro's keeper " He dindu nuffin either according to the Almighty. I've heard from more then one valuable resources that most niggers come from this seed line of murdering CAIN/SATAN. Eve was most probably raped by the BEAST/SATAN ( nigger ) at the tree forbidden by the Almighty because thats where the nigger beast hung out.

Cain was sent to the land of " NOD " to function with the other beasts niggers when the Almighty then tells him "a vagabond AND a fugitive you and yours shall be forever" Hmmm that's spells nigger ALL over it !!

So know you know where the common nigger gets the " I dindu nuffin " excuse

Unregistered, Niggermania 5 Comments [9/3/2017 7:13:08 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

This is ridiculous even for N***ermania. Please be a poe!

9/3/2017 7:14:19 AM


This is, unfortunately, historical precedent.
That is, either the Mark of Cain for killing Abel, or the Mark of Ham for (seeing Noah naked?) was believed to be darkened skin, and thus the dark-skinned were cursed by God and deserving of every punishment racist assfucks like this one could dream up.

It's vile, and makes you want to remove such thoughts from their head with a bullet.

9/3/2017 8:52:51 AM



In the translation I read (the Willibrordtranslation) it didn't say that God darkened Ham's skin, but that Sem and Jafez threw black powder on him. While he's clearly meant to be seen as the one who will breed all the ethnicities people don't like, his punishment wasn't exactly divine and more like the other brothers saying "We got to punish him for seeing Noach while he was drunk.". Besides, I really doubt that every ethnicity described in the Bible, even the ones that are clearly good, are white-skinned. For one, the Egyptians clearly weren't, yet God clearly instructed not to kill Egyptians.

9/3/2017 10:21:57 AM

Hu's On First

I wonder how long it will be before the N-Maniacs attempt to start their own denomination. Would it be called "The First N-Maniac Baptist Church of Christ the Did-du Sumthin"?

9/3/2017 11:42:22 PM


Way to make up shit to suit your racism.

9/5/2017 7:04:27 AM

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