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Of course the media loves Antifa because there is an old saying:

When fascism returns it will be disguised as Antifascism-and Antifa is using the fascist playbook (and everything they blame Hitler & the Nazis for) by 100%.

Can a Jewish created and/or sponsored organisation be something else than fascist, surpressing and tyrannic?

Be it the Bolsheviks, the progressives, the Antifa, LBGT, Feminists, NGO’s, Think Tanks — they always play the sociopaths most favourite trick: Blame others for the crimes you commit.

Karl Marx’s Manifesto was considered even by hardcore socialists like Bertrand Russell(”Why I’m not a Communist”) as hateful and inflammatory with the only intention to fill people with hate.

Wherever Jewish created Communism (or whatever pseudo do-gooding crap they hide behind) appeared, it turned a country into a cultureless tyrannical sewerhole and in many cases millions of natives in those Communist ruled countries got killed.

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for radicals are also 100% fascistic.

Just as artificially created words as Anti-Semitism, Hate-crime, Hate-speech,Homophobe, Islamophobe and the mother of them all — Political Correctness (brought into politics by Lenin’s bride) etc. are fascistic to destroy free speech and intimidate and stigmatize people.

Now one may say: The words Homophob and Islamophob have nothing to do with Jews?!?.

Well, it has everything to do with Jews.

The Kalergi Plan, the polymorphic perversion (Sigmund Freud), the Frankfurt School for systematically destroying your Western culture with dark skinned people, hedonism & gay worship is based on Jewish work, and terms like homophobia & Islamophobia which give special rights to these groups (I’m part of the second one) and making them invincible against criticism are also used as cover.

When other minority groups have special rights and cannot be criticized, most people can not see that the Holocaust(TM) Jew is the one with the most special rights (”If you want to know who has the real power, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”), as people are too much focused on gays, Muslims, Blacks etc.

So they can not see the Jewish elephant in the room, and these minorities are encouraged to behave either like idiots, to hate etc. and you are not allowed to criticize them when you are white.

The jewish racism and fascism (=the racism towards the majority of every country) can be seen whereever they participate or rule-not just in the apartheid country called Israel.

And they are doing this for thousands of years.

First slave trading, then the secret take over of Britain after Cromwell killed the king and let the Jews in.

England was turned within few decades into a world wide mass-murdering country, the same monster that Jew-controlled JewSA is today, controlled by the fascist bankster-owned FED, poisoning the goyim with drugs (Sassoons Opium Wars,Mayer Lansky+cia drug trade,) medicating children and babies with hard drugs(Leon Eisenberg).

Just read the book Propaganda by Edward Bernays — an instruction manual for soft fascism. Read the Protocols. Read Saul Alinsky.

The reason is simple-when a very small minority wants to controle the rest,fascism is in the end the only way to succeed.

And for such plans to succeed you need to

1) divide people (that’s what Obama did all the time)

2) attract frustrated minorities(eg gays,buttugly aggressive lesbians(=feminists), jobless antisocial junkies (=antifa)

3)subvert institutions

4)controle news and history writing.

All these are fascist methods therefore antifa can only be facist and the only way to not be called fascist/racist by those Jewish controlled fascists is to acceppt Jewish rule and Jewish agenda (or at least not criticize it).

And the fascism has reached extreme levels long time ago:

Even transgender posterchild Bruce Caitlinn Jenner said some years ago that he has been discriminated in his life more for being conservative than for bein transgender.

Of course not all jews are fascist-like in all others cultures most people are alright, but they never really cared to differ in the past thousands of years between themselves and the fascist intellectualised sociopathic Jews (in the Bible they are called the Synagogue of Satan) and therefore no other word than Jew exist to differ between both groups.

Zebo, Real Jew News 5 Comments [9/7/2017 11:25:31 AM]
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Citizen Justin

The saying is actually "When fascism returns it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross".

9/7/2017 3:49:59 PM


The saying is actually "When fascism returns it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross".

And it's looking to be pretty fucking accurate, considering Republican embrace of fascism, since they like to use patriotism and religion as deflection tools...

9/7/2017 4:00:09 PM


Anyone who uses the phrase "Read the Protocols" and is serious about it isn't reliable.

9/7/2017 11:03:49 PM


You are allowed to criticise Jews. The problem is you don't understand the difference between critique and hateful slander.

9/8/2017 2:52:58 PM


Meanwhile in the real world every media outlet has called Antifa what they are a bunch of anarchist thugs.

9/10/2017 12:11:15 PM

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