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[From "George Lincoln Rockwell speaking at UCLA 5/16/1967 (Mod Comment in Thread)"]

Allow me, as an actual national socialist to explain what I believe. I believe that there was never any intention by Adolf Hitler to exterminate all the Jews in Europe. I believe if this were the case, the Germans would have just shot all the Jews at their homes immediately instead of using countless resources to send them to labor camps.

I do however, believe that many Jews in camps died during the final days of the war, as the Germans were giving all their supplies to their troops during the final days as a last ditch effort to win the war, and it would be stupid to focus your resources on people in camps when you're on the verge of losing a war.

I do however support an actual Holocaust, and I believe the world would be better off if every single Jew in existence were gone.

GodBlessAdolfHitler8, Reddit - r/UncensoredNews 0 Comments [9/9/2017 2:24:55 AM]
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