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That being said, I think that both answers are right in a sense. This deals heavily with the compound and divided senses of God's will. I would HIGHLY recommend Webmaster's book on the subject The Two Wills of God.

So in a sense, Scott is right. The problem is, is that it is not that simple. To simply say that he is not the cause of sin is only half the answer. Matt goes into detail distinguishing this in his book.

1. God decrees sin. It cannot be denied that in a sense, this is a cause of that sin, for without that, sin could not happen. God predestines sin (cause), therfore sin happens (effect).

2. Man commits sin. It cannot be denied that in a sense, humans cause sin, for without these means, sin could not happen (God cannot sin). Humans act (cause), therfore sin happens (effect).

In a real sense, #2 is important to stress, because God has decreed that this is where responsibility lies. When people deny that God is in some sense the cause of sin, they are usually trying to free God from the responsibility of sin. This is admirable, but we must not go overboard. God is not responsible for sin, becuase he defines responsibility! He is the judge, law, and jury. We are not.

Jeff_Bartel, Puritan Board 3 Comments [9/9/2017 3:03:49 AM]
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"God is not responsible for sin, becuase he defines responsibility!"

Like Richard Nixon's 'When the *president* does it, it means it's *not* illegal!'

9/9/2017 3:41:23 AM

Shepard Solus

This should be a question on a mandatory test given to people at age 18. If you answer the question anything like Jeffy, here, you should be legally forbidden to hold a position in government or management. You can retake once at 25 and once more at 35. Still fail? Oh well.

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9/9/2017 11:08:25 AM

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