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The core fallacy of the argument and every worldview that would utilize it is that human beings possess an inherent righteousness or goodness within themselves, and that by their inherent worth or goodness; and that as such they cannot conceive that God would decree evil upon his human creation unless they first forfeited or earned his displeasure through evil of their own making.

The response to this argument has to be 'Go and read your Bible.' The OT particularly contains story after story of men, women, and children bearing the brunt of God's wrath against the sins of others. Think of the kids in Israel when they were taken captive by Babylon or the Assyrians. Or the children of the nations that Israel attacked? Or those firstborn Egyptian boys? If they are going to make the argument, they could dig up worse scenarios than an isolated child rape case and moreover, find them in the Bible!

It all seems beyond unfair, incomprehensible even, until you begin to see that men women and children are in fact without righteousness before God, without any kind of it, or any amount of it that he should recognize us and defer to our sense of well being. Absolutely Zero. We are nothing, less than nothing.

This is underscored to me by the fact that unredeemed sinners get lumped together with the devil and his angels at the judgment day; shows how much inherent righteousness people have apart from Christ.

I also want to respond to these folk that it is plain that for every instance of evil that God ordains in the world, they are each accompanied by a thousand mercies. Men are blind to them of course and do not recognize or give thanks for them.

I wonder if any of these folk have ever thought or said 'thank God it wasn't worse' because from their perspective that phrase shouldn't make any sense at all. Whereas we can say it at every instance of the day and marvel at God's multitude of restraining graces!

KGP, Puritan Board 8 Comments [9/9/2017 3:06:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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In KGP's mind, God is like the 'You're all worthless and weak!' guy from Animal House?

9/9/2017 3:30:58 AM


Nope, sorry, god's not my choice of superhero because, well...he is pretty much a big dick.

9/9/2017 5:46:31 AM

Shepard Solus

So Yahweh's excuse is "they started it"? "They did evil so it's cool for me to do evil, too"? He really is a tantruming child god.

9/9/2017 6:48:46 AM


I have no bible. Nor does anyone who truly cares about their species, unlike traitors of your stripe.

9/9/2017 10:45:23 AM


That's why my Devata (The Lady & Lord) is SUPERIOR to your impotent Demiurge!

9/9/2017 11:04:09 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

*sigh* This is just one of the many stupid ideas involved with that branch of Christianity that causes me to hate Calvinism.

If all people are equally worthless to their creator, then why would such a being even stick around to punish human beings. (We can fuck ourselves over just fine, thanks.) God would be too busy building perfection elsewhere to give a damn what people do. In fact, if creation is so marred and all sinners are equal, God could just throw up its hands, declare, 'Fuck it. Better luck next time' and, say, send the moon crashing into the Earth or cause the Sun to grow into a red giant right now or, just for the LOLz, pluck Pluto from its own orbit around the Sun and spew it at the Earth to measure how far the debris would fan out.

9/9/2017 12:30:37 PM


Many people who truly care about the species have Bible's. In fact believing in religion no matter the belief system is not accomplished by owning a Bible or any other Tome. As a person who truly cares for the species I believe in studying all facets of human existence. Dismissing something just because you don't believe in it only hurts yourself. From a scientific point of view it is always valuable to study popular literature religious or otherwise.

9/9/2017 1:54:44 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Cosmic Horror Score: Over 40,000 Lovecrafts!

Unfortunately, Calvinists never realise that that is the genre they are writing.

9/9/2017 2:05:46 PM

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