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Modern Jews are that believe they pray god self fulling idiots. Most of Judaism literature are passed by a bunch of rabbis.

Modern Judaism in fact is not even a religion, but is connection to power more like tribalism monopoly. Would any rightful and just god from all “Abraham religions” approve all atrocities they commit against the West and in Palestine and the East?

They are self deluded ignorants on high horse which will burn in deepest level of the hell and no god will ever forgive them.

They know for every atrocity they commit they will burn in hell. They think their god will forgive their abominations and atrocities.They know they the have no god, but just is servers as political tool to keep their tribe going and Jewish females under their grasp and every other thing.

They are the biggest materialistic people and fight for materialism.

Also their children will be falling on the filth their parents are building — drugs, multiculturalism, homosexuality and so on. God has cursed them but they to blind to see it that what you build you also reap in the end.

In the end they will eat each other, mark my words, for the are rotten and will root to pint to lose their humanity. Their souls are full with sh… and empty.They have sold it to baal for the gains of materialistic world.

Their false god, baal will burn with them in hell.

Tony2020, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/9/2017 3:14:45 AM]
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