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So I started a new job today working maintenance for a hotel. The head maintenance man is a white human who is pretty a decent guy with his right hand second in charge being a Mexican human who is also a decent hard working guy. Well I'm not even on the job 30 minutes before they start telling me about this nigger that hasn't even been there two weeks who is dumb as hell and worthless. They had a shop vac in the room we were working in and they started telling me how this ape didn't know how to work it! It was asking what the exhaust in the back was and concerned that the debris picked up by the hose would blow out the back if left exposed as it was.

They both told me how this ape has already destroyed a lawn mower and a weed eater. I immediately recognized it to be the dumbest of the species because of the extremely dark skin. No white blood at all to boost IQ. I did my best to avoid conversation and coontact with it but finally the moment came when I was left alone with it and it introduced itself to me and stuck out its filthy paw for me to shake. Ugh, I hesitated for a few seconds then realized I better suck it up and shake its paw. Its paw felt rough and course which confused me. He obviously was a stranger to manual labour because when we were in the rooms he took every opportunity to sit down not doing shit. Even know I was not saying much at all to it, it kept asking me personal questions like where I was from.

Later the manager bought everybody pizza and fried chicken and when I was in there fixing myself a plate it brought its sheboon in with it to get dey grub on. They both stay there rent free in exchange for work. The she boon starts complaining about how its pepperoni err tom..and then they both clean out the fried chicken box leaving no more chicken for anybody else who hadn't eaten yet. All that she boon did was complain while loading up on free food. Well the good news is that my supervisor secretly told me that the nigger had to go. Soon it and its crackwhore she boon will be homeless with no free pizza and fried chicken to complain about. The only downside is us taxpayers will probably have to feeds and house dem in sum way.....I HATE NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler durden, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/9/2017 3:16:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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