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I won’t post about Politics but am going to tell you what the end game is and why.

There are two scenarios happening right now that have been planned for 100 years!

First is the immigration of Islam into Europe breaking the European Nations so they may become one, one mess of peoples with no identity.

Second is the Breaking of the US so the US, Mexico, and Canada become one, called the North American Union.

The Main objective is two fold:

Depopulate the Planet making it easy to control under Technology (people are all hooked up to Technology) — Cells Phones (smart grid, smart meters, smart phones).

Make Zionist Jews King of the World as a Cover for the Real Kings (Secret Society Group)

The Pattern is a Triangle which is part of sacred geometry.

Yes it is the Haves and the Have Nots. This is the reason the Middle Class is attacked in countries. They want the Very Rich and the Very Poor.

The European Race is attacked because they are the ones that would stand up to the Satanists, there the ones that have created things, they’re artists, they’re Christians.

The Genocide is Jews against the White European Race.

Not only that but all Christians in the world.

Now you can’t just go out and Cry Wolf. You have to move your pieces trapping the others, and in doing so reveal there folly and evil. At the same time showing you are the hero liberating that evil.

The world is a Chess Board.

Koolz, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/9/2017 3:18:29 AM]
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