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This past summer my 17 year old cousin came to visit me and to check out the university. He's a smart kid whose future is bright, but he's also a really naive suburban kid who is definitely the too nice type. He's originally from California, so for his entire K-12 education he's been indoctrinated with the whole "niggers are people too, Martin Loofah King, etc." bullshit.

He was waiting at the light rail station in the early afternoon on his way to my house. He told me that out of the corner of his eye he saw some Somali-looking nigger teen doing some weird parkour shit on the stairs, and then it started coming up to him. Naive as my cousin is, he just smiled at it. Teenaper comes up with its eyes full of hate and nostrils flaring and it says to him, "Do you hate black people?" My cousin is obviously scared, so he just says no. The nigger says to him, "well you look like some gook who I know who hates niggers. Da FUCK, nigga?!" Cousin just spills the truth because he's scared, he just says I'm just visiting for college, I don't want any trouble, please stop. Nigger continues to screech at him, "College boy? You think youz be better than me? Youz be making lotta money or sumthin?"

Thankfully a train starts approaching the station and people get off, including some transit cops. The nigger scurries off, and my cousin is traumatized. He told me this the moment he got into my house, and I told him point blank, "It was trying to rob you. Niggers are always like this, they're a huge problem everywhere. Please be careful and never interact with a nigger again." He was shocked by my use of the word nigger, but I told him about my evolution from a naive kid like himself to the niggermaniac that I am now, and that most humans probably use the word nigger every day and think the same way I do. He's still thinking of attending the university here, but he is now aware that niggers are a legitimate problem, and it will factor into his decision to come to school here or not.

Fucking niggers.

JMDee, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/9/2017 9:37:32 AM]
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