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It used to be hard to see the face of European history.

It used to be even harder to see how big the nose is on the face of that sad history.

The so-called American “Civil War” was the beginning of the Pentagon-Zionist war machine.

It actually can’t be called a war, since both sides were financed and controlled by the same global banking-heroin mafia. It that case, it’s called a “regime change” operation. Yes, there were 600,000 displaced or dead Americans. There were also 400,000 new opium addicts in North America. The US Gov’t was the primary supplier.

With the creation of Israel, it’s now the Israeli-Pengaton-Zionist war machine (with global heroin trafficking as a “kicker”). The agenda of this appartus has apparently been (a) first, European Genocide, then (b) Enslavement of the Others.

As a slogan, it might be stated as “White Genocide - Black Enslavement.” The Jewish attack on Europe, and probably Russia to come, is White Genocide.

Molecule, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/9/2017 9:39:07 AM]
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Hu's On First

How many times do we have to remind you that the USA is NOT a European country?

9/9/2017 11:30:36 AM

Hu's On First

Also, I'm pretty sure Molecule is just ripping off the "Helter Skelter" scenario, but applying it to Jews instead of the Manson Family.

9/9/2017 10:42:37 PM

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