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BLM leadership in general is largely composed of queer blacks.

The chapter in Toronto did a half hour sit-in recently, blocking the sodomite parade.

I didn’t really know anything about them, I only noticed there are angry black women in the front line (where are the men?) and later found out many of them are lesbian or bi. Before I thought, are they sisters /mothers of those killed by police? They’re not!

This gives them an extra angry edge ,because they will hate not only just whites, but whites as a family unit, the way all gays subconsciously hate normal family. And that hatred is phenomenal.

In the US there are tons of poor blacks which have nothing to lose, which BLM can use as their army to just trash the middle class and grab a bit wealth just how it happened in Russia with poor angry men.

They’ll be happy to do it!! And what if you can’t have a gun?

Simultaneously, based on history, Christians can be put in concentration camps and exterminated, which happened after the Bolshevik revolution, leaving the nation’s culture composed of low class wannabe rulers/imbeciles (a disaster to live among).

Read the history of USSR!!! I see history repeating itself.

Russia is still traumatized for generations to come. But they have Orthodox Church as a place anyone can truly heal themselves and LGBT was never given green light.

What does US have to sustain itself as a nation?? I’m not talking about money or food.

KC, Real Jew News 5 Comments [9/9/2017 2:27:36 PM]
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Phil O'Macedon

Your goofier than last call at happy hour at the GOP national convention!

9/9/2017 10:33:32 PM


Wait a minute, what now? Why would they, if they're "queer blacks", want to BLOCK a so called "sodomite parade"?

9/9/2017 10:42:25 PM

Holey Head

Never go full conspiratard!

9/10/2017 4:20:18 AM

Shepard Solus

What does US have to sustain itself as a nation?? I’m not talking about money or food.

The tech sector, science, continuing cultural development...

9/10/2017 10:19:57 AM


Honey, I think it's about time for your medication.

9/10/2017 8:34:44 PM

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