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(ALF stands for Animal Liberation Front, a radical animal rights terrorist group. ELF, which stands for Earth Liberation Front, is basically the same, only that they are environmental-focused)

I support both the ALF and ELF %100. Radical change is created through radical action. Police and authorities have shown they are willingly to use violence to maintain the status quo and oppress animals and humans alike. No amount of stern letters and peaceful "protesting" will change this. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

Factory farms are a modern day holocaust. We are allowing the mass captivity, torture, and slaughter of innocent sentient being to happen before our eyes. Although I am proud to be vegan, individual consumer choices can only do so much. The ALF are the ones risking their lives and livelihood's to end this speciescide. They are far better people than me.

{deleted account}, r/vegan 7 Comments [9/10/2017 3:36:42 AM]
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Individual consumer choices and peaceful protest will attract more concerned citizens than your radical fringe group. It will also accomplish more in the long run, if only because the activists won't be in jail.

9/10/2017 4:47:39 AM


I read this as the Animal Lubrication Front, and wondered whether I was old enough to be reading this post.

9/10/2017 6:31:17 AM


Alf ate cats. Before he came to Earth, at least.

9/10/2017 9:11:39 AM

Shepard Solus

No, you're both terrible people. They're just further down the rabbit hole than you are.

9/10/2017 9:41:34 AM

Man Called True

If you see no problem in ending the sentence "I want to help animals" with "by killing humans", the problem is on your end.

9/10/2017 6:54:35 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

Name one matter of real change the ALF had a hand in making. I'll wait.

9/10/2017 9:03:39 PM


Wow, holocausts are everywhere nowadays. Abortion is a holocaust. Vaccination is a holocaust. Eating meat is a holocaust.

The survivors of the Final Solution must feel so lucky to have only had to deal with one holocaust. They had no idea what real suffering was, apparently.

9/10/2017 9:21:10 PM

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