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Some countries increasing make it difficult to live as an observant Christian. There are many areas in the western world today where you can be either jailed, fired, fined or beaten up just by reading a few passages from the Bible. I’m not talking about preaching and harassing people, I am speaking of simply voicing an opinion that is in your religious doctrine, but suddenly at odds with what is PC.

We can’t keep giggling at how ‘nuts’ they are acting in Britain, because there are several million people in this country right now would think in the same intolerant way. This may be a big reason why so few men are applying for the priesthood right now.

lee martell, Free Republic 8 Comments [9/11/2017 10:21:25 AM]
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You don't want the right to state your "opinion", as you know you already have that right. What you want, is the right to state your opinion without rebuke or consequence, which will never happen. You can say being gay is a sin all day, but your gay co-workers have the right to report you for harassment if you keep telling them this after they've told you to stop. you have the right to form an opinion, but not the right to impose your opinion on others, or the right to not deal with the criticism your opinion faces.

9/11/2017 12:56:19 PM


What western countries are these?

9/11/2017 12:57:30 PM


Have I missed something? Has there been a rash of priest killings in this country of which I'm not aware? More likely you have fewer priests because you have fewer Catholics. They've been closing churches around here and consolidating congregations and I'm absolutely certain that's not out of paranoid fear like yours.

9/11/2017 2:58:47 PM


We can’t keep giggling at how ‘nuts’ they are acting in Britain, because

...late last year, our government declared neo-Nazis to be terrorists.

And after Charlottesville, the joke's on you.

What options do you have left: as Bitchboy Chrissy Cantdoverywell said in a video recently. Crying - especially upon the growing realisation that he was eternally wrong via his unjustifiable way of thinking - like the impotent little bitch he is.

As someone suggested in that YT video's comments section:

You can do the same: stop thinking the way you do which causes you to have these 'Opinions'.

Unjustifiable behaviour is caused by unjustifiable thinking. Look what happened at Charlottesville, which resulted in Bitchboy the Nazi having no options left.

The Quakers & Unitarian Universalists never needed to think in such a way in the first place: so what's your excuse?

9/11/2017 3:09:51 PM


Lying for the Lord

9/11/2017 3:18:53 PM


Lee the martyr wannabe. And I have a fair idea which passages you mean.

9/12/2017 2:44:20 AM


Which countries in the Western world are you talking about? Because this is the first I'm hearing of it. All those churches must be illusions, then...

Or are you talking about hate speech couched in pseudo-religious bullshit? Because that's a different matter. In several countries, such things are, in fact, not legal. And in the places where they are, there's a chance you will get popped in the jaw for being an asshole (or charged with harassment and disturbing the peace. Whichever). Free speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech, nor does it guarantee a platform or an audience.

9/12/2017 6:17:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

If you get fired for preaching to your coworkers, then it's your own fault. Freedom of religion only means that you can't be jailed by the government for your religious beliefs, but it doesn't mean you're free from the consequences of voicing those opinions to others.

9/12/2017 6:41:47 AM

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