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Dear White people,

Your government no longer represents you.

- They applaud your demographic annihilation.

- They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation - and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to Blacks and Browns so they can outbreed you.

- They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

- They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into third world style war zones - courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

- They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

- They import millions of third worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

- They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

- They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly Black on White crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few White on Black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

- They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

- They threaten to disarm you because Blacks and Browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

They want you DEAD.

Ken, Real Jew News 7 Comments [9/11/2017 10:37:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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most cities was built from immigrants and guys still have your weapons.

9/11/2017 12:19:05 PM


Citation very much needed.

9/11/2017 1:06:11 PM


Dear white people,

Your government briefly and timidly flirted with the idea of representing more than just white people. This terrified some of you so much that you elected a Nazi sympathizer.

9/11/2017 5:29:13 PM


I like how these Nazi shits think they speak for white people as a group and assume any disagreement with them applies to all whites. No, wait. I'm white and I'm nothing like them. Fuck off and die you fascist fartbreathers.

9/12/2017 1:44:01 AM


9/12/2017 4:26:46 AM


Dear Ken

We have received your letter and after 10 minutes of laughter, threw it into the fireplace.

9/13/2017 7:54:40 AM


They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you

And where'd they get the land they built those cities on, genius? Oh, wait, THEY STOLE IT...

9/14/2017 3:51:03 AM

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