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This is indeed not the reality of shooter games.

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[Commenting under "Antifa forms a hit team, distributes hit list"]

Find a high spot (hilltop, rooftop, etc.) and bring one of these

10 points for every masked 'protester' you take out.

20 points for headshots

50 points if you hit multiple targets with a single shot.

thisisnotmyreality, Reddit - r/conspiracy 25 Comments [9/12/2017 7:29:33 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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9/12/2017 7:37:14 AM

Thinking Allowed

Hey thisisnotmyreality, do humanity a favor and stick with video games.

9/12/2017 7:37:28 AM


Anti fascist shouldn't mean pro chaos.

9/12/2017 7:47:38 AM


What kind of fundy is this? Alt right or Antifa? Both applaud violence against those who commit or are perceived as committing wrongthink.

9/12/2017 8:10:10 AM


that looks like a airsoft rifle.

9/12/2017 8:32:39 AM


"Alt right or Antifa?"

Will there ever come an alt-Antifa?

9/12/2017 8:38:23 AM


Real Life is not at all similar to CoD. There's a lot more grinding, and a lot less killing.

9/12/2017 9:08:53 AM


That`s what they gonna do to you, sunshine. Funny how sociopathic shitheads never imagine themselves the victims but just you wait...

9/12/2017 9:38:53 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

LOL! That OP was more stupid than shocking. What is this guy going to do - peel his ass out of the groove in his computer chair and start right off with things that take a lot of training in the real world?

That's ignoring the ethics (or their lack) because why get into those when there's already the initial issue I mention above.

And while I'd like nothing more than to take an actual sledgehammer to fascist creations, the better use of my time is to create information; to deal as factually as I can with why fascism is such a terrible idea. (And it is.)

9/12/2017 10:32:58 AM


So you are advocating terrorism

9/12/2017 10:49:18 AM

The Reptilian Jew

And 100 points for each baton to the head you get when the police hauls your fat ass off that roof along with that rifle you have no idea how to use.

9/12/2017 11:47:52 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

(By the way, I feel like doing another "iffue". Suggestions welcome!)

9/12/2017 12:53:51 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

@ Pharaoh Bastethotep:

You mean there are previous iffuef?

9/12/2017 2:44:11 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

@The Angry Dybbuk:
There are, but this is the only one from me.

Here is the original from 2004:

and a "Volume 2":

I also found this spin-off: "Internet Sex Stud" (safe for work, but posting it here does not work because hotlinks)

9/12/2017 2:51:37 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

@ Pharaoh Bastethotep:

Yours made me laugh most. Where in the absolute hell did you find that picture? It's perfect, and goes well with your timely use of Fraktur Script...especially with the flower pot back and right of the master of machismo. Beyond that, the special sections are fun as well.

9/12/2017 3:16:20 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

@The Angry Dybbuk:
Where in the absolute hell did you find that picture?

Actually, I just googled "edgelord"; it was the seventh or so result. Sorry, no epic tale there (unless I make one up;-))

9/12/2017 3:28:00 PM


'Tis a good thing then, that with Bethesda Softworks buying up id Software the modability of the latter's games has stopped with "DOOM IV".

Could one imagine the outcry if 'Glory Kills' as per those performed by the Doom Marine on the various demonic entities were duplicated on the targets in a modded version of such a game: they consisting of Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK, and Alt-Shitists?!

Especially with the kind of graphic detail possible via id Tech 6.

And considering the next game based on that same graphics engine to be released by Bethesda is a "Wolfenstein" one, there's something to think about, Tadpole et al...! [/"The Man in the High Castle"]

9/12/2017 3:49:22 PM


Real life is not a video game.

Heck, video games are starting not to be that either. Points are becoming increasingly obsolete as games become more complex and have other motivators for good play besides just a high score. A lot of FPSes will actually reward you for doing more than just kill people-- for example, Metroid Prime 3 will give you credits for going above and beyond to not just fight the space pirates, but save members of the Galactic Federation who are in trouble. And for scanning for lore to learn about the various places Samus goes. The scans are quite interesting and often depressing and horrifying (though sometimes they're hilarious in a dark kind of way, though unfortunately not as hilarious as some of Metroid Prime 2's space pirate logs).

Some FPSes penalize you for not shooting carefully and hitting a civilian too-- whether with an automatic game over, a "what the hell" type of message from the game, law enforcement chases, and/or lost reputation (if that's an actual measurable and important stat in the game). And no FPS that I know of lets you hit multiple targets with what appears to be a sniper rifle. Because that is not even how you video game physics. Its common sense that bullets lose a lot of their momentum and usefulness when they enter a person.

9/12/2017 4:57:17 PM

"20 points for headshots"

So... take lots of creepy candid photos?!

9/12/2017 7:46:08 PM

Holey Head


"Both sides are bad, even the side against genocide!"

9/13/2017 6:17:57 AM


Someone's played too many FPS. And old shooters if they're on about points.

Also, fuck you for advocating murder over political disagreements.

9/13/2017 6:59:45 AM



So... take lots of creepy candid photos?!

"CANDID Photography", he asked him knowingly?! Snap-snap, Grin-grin, Wink-wink, Nudge-nudge, say no more!


9/13/2017 7:28:48 AM


You mean like this?

9/13/2017 7:35:46 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

I highly doubt you have any training on how to use that.

9/13/2017 1:12:33 PM

what the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little bitch ill have you know i graduated top of my class in the navy seals and ive been involved in numerous secret raids on al quaeda and i have over three hundred confirmed kills i am trained in gorilla warfare and im the top sniper in the entire us armed forces you are nothing to me but just another target i will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this earth mark my fucking words you think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the internet think again fucker as we speak i am contacting my secret network of spies across the usa and your ip is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm maggot the storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life youre fucking dead kid i can be anywhere anytime and i can kill you in over seven hundred ways and thats just with my bare hands not only am i extensively trained in unarmed combat but i have access to the entire arsenal of the united states marine corps and i will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent you little shit if only you could have known what unholy retribution your little clever comment was about to bring down upon you maybe you would have held your fucking tongue but you couldnt you didnt and now youre paying the price you goddamn idiot i will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it youre fucking dead kiddo

9/18/2017 7:33:11 AM

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