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All through the Bible, the female is depicted as being the weaker sex, and even proves true today, weak-minded, unable to accept responsibility for their own bodies when it comes to sex, even when it comes to saving the life of another human being. Can't believe you've strayed so far from the Bible that now you even question it.

theradicalson, Realabortiondebate 12 Comments [9/13/2017 2:12:20 AM]
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Gee it's almost like the book was written by sexist men.

9/13/2017 5:13:41 AM


"Weak-minded"? Does that mean "cannot remember the batting averages of the local 'heroes'"? Granted.

Now let's discuss who it is that cannot find his own socks, cannot remember that there is a scheduled event tomorrow night, and stands with his head in the fridge calling to ME "Is there anything to eat?".

9/13/2017 6:25:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

That settles it then, we should allow men to make all decisions for all women.

9/13/2017 7:04:04 AM

Thinking Allowed

The vikings say different though.

Source: Famous Viking Warrior Was a Woman, DNA Reveals

9/13/2017 8:05:34 AM


All through the Bible, the female is depicted as being the weaker sex


You now realise that the only possible way you can get out of the argumental corner you're in is to admit that your 'True' Bible is purely a book of fairytales: in more ways than one.

...oh, and can you say 'Queen Elizabeth I': head of the Church of England...?!

Queen Elizabeth II did her part as a vehicle driver/mechanic for the ATS in WWII.

What did you do in the war, Donald Fart...?! [/Vietnam]

9/13/2017 8:10:50 AM


It takes two to have sex. The man isn't respecting his body ether.

9/13/2017 9:42:05 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

Hmmm...it sounds like the last parts of the Bible were written 1800 years ago.

Ruth. Abigail. Deborah. Jael. Esther. Both Marys. They all prove you wrong.

The Bible describes the physical vessel as weaker, kind of like the difference between a coffee cup and a tea cup, but says men and women are fellow heirs to the grace of life.

Training and exercise removes most of the obstacles related to sexual dimorphism.

Men dumb enough to sleep with women they don't know well enough to determine if they share opinions on children, condoms, abortion, etc. (because if they don't get their dicks wet, they're incel and women are to blame for NOT fucking them) - they're the irresponsible idiots, and not the women. Women have to deal with pregnancy; men do not.

Stuff that shit back up your ass, RadicalMoron.

9/13/2017 9:47:59 AM

The Crimson Ghost

This is not a very persuasive argument.

One last thing, radical retard- I question everything, especially garbage that was dreamed up 3,000 years ago by ignorant, goat herding men on another continent.

9/13/2017 10:13:31 AM


If they love the Bible so much, why don't they all get together and buy some unused land in desert, so they cal live like their heroes? No modern technology, no modern medicine, just prayers to their "Lord", caves(or whatever) to sleep in, and goats to herd. They'll be happy, we'll be happy, everyone wins.

9/13/2017 10:51:22 AM


See, I can`t believe anybody but an utter psycho would believe and follow the crap in it to begin with.

9/13/2017 10:52:30 AM



What about Judith who cut off an enemy combatants' head? Or Abigail who became one of Davids' wife? Or Esther who saved the Israelites from Haman? Or Deborah who was a Judge? Or Tamar who disguised herself as a prostitute to get Judah to do his duty? Or the unnamed woman who threw a rock on top of a solder who then begged his companion to kill him so it won't be said that he was killed by a woman? Or, you know, the famous Mary who gave birth to Jesus?

Did you even read your Bible?

9/13/2017 2:58:49 PM


The "female" is the weaker sex? That's why men give birth, and handle heavy stuff like washing and child-care, while women sit at the office doing lighter CAD work and sciency stuff, right?

Which can withstand the most force; the scrotum or the womb?

In what way are men better to accept responsibility for their own bodies when it comes to sex? Are there more single dads caring full-time for their kids, than there are single moms caring full-time for their kids?

Have you sold all your possessions and given the money to the poor yet, sonny? Jesus tells you to, in at least four places in the Bible. You haven't strayed from that, have you?

9/14/2017 3:13:45 AM

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