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One must do careful study of the Jews to really understand how they operate.

The Jews have been very successful in deflecting attention away from their tactics, for which Antifa is just another of many examples of how they divide and conquer. Since Jews control the mass media, they will, of course, attempt to hide and minimize the terrorist-like tactics of Antifa, and instead strongly focus attention to any excesses of some White nationalist groups, or falsely portray these groups as violent and racist.

I could give countless other examples of Jewish tactics like this, though I’m sure most people on this site are quite knowledgable already. But many among the American public are not, and hence fall for the false narratives perpetuated by the media.

Trump’s Presidency is slowly exposing the Jewish tactics and more are starting to see that there is indeed a clever organized conspiracy operating.

How many better informed Americans are truly aware of the fact the conspiracy is entirely Jewish? Or do they just believe it’s really “globalists,” “Communists,” “the media,” “the Illuminati” or whatever euphemism you hear them say publicly?

The conspiracy is entirely Jewish, plus the Jewish lackeys in the whole mass media that work for them. Not just the news (NYTimes, WashPost, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.), but the entertainment media (Hollywood, TV sitcoms, late-night talk shows, the lifestyle magazines like GQ, Vogue, Esquire, and on and on….).

This is all part of the Jewish grand scheme for them to maintain control. Barely a single newspaper in the whole U.S. endorsed Trump for President, yet tens of millions supported him. The Jews fear the movement that created Trump but did not really see it coming.

Other examples of how the Jews operate:

They flooded the universities with lies and false ideas that have badly infected once prestigious departments like the humanities and history.

What kind of false ideas?? Well they very cleverly promulgate false teachings and sometimes mix some truth with these teachings to even further confuse the “goyim.”

1) “Racism”: This is one of their biggest “isms” or ideas they have infected the World with.

The Aryan/White races created the whole Western World we see before us. Yet the Jews have made it so anyone who acknowledges this fact publicly is considered “racist” or insensitive to the less advanced races.

2) “Sexism”: Differences between men and women that are simply facts in nature are exploited. They exploit women’s more emotional nature so they feel victimized.

3) “Homophobia”: All cultures of the world have penalized homosexuality because it’s destructive to families and perpetuation of the human race. Yet this rational reason is turned into one single idea, “homophobia”, and so you’re a bad person if you’re “homophobic.”

Abstract ideas like philosophy and religion are easily messed with and the Jews are very good at this. Someone should write a book on aspects of Jewish ways of thinking and acting and it should be taught in every school in America!

AJ, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/13/2017 11:44:33 AM]
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