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Simple. Alan Dershowitz is probably compromised.

The Zionist Federation have had over a century to practice the art of of grooming their people, money, favor. Encouraging debt and indebtedness and getting the dirt on those they might need at some time in the future. Carefully making sure their influence and people are moving in the right circles to suit their cause.

Circles where there’s plenty of opportunity for Marcs and Jareds to meet Chelseas and Ivancas and for the Dershowitz’s to advance their careers as long as they toe the Zionist line. One step out of place and they’re dead in the water, discarded, ruined or, as with Rabin and I dare say even Sharon, murdered

By comparison to the Zionist Federation, we’re all newbies, way behind the eight ball. All state governments change. Their policies change. Their priorities change. Their alliances change. US Presidents have an eight year tenure max. A mere blip. Dershowitz is just another useful idiot

talknic, MondoWeiss 0 Comments [10/9/2017 12:51:36 AM]
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