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Having read the article and followed up on some of the sources, it seems far better thought out and researched than the mainstream media coverage.

It highlights a far more important issue to society, than the current hysteria over anti-Semitism, in the form of the pro-Israel lobby and how active it is in politics. This is especially worrying when it involves Universities.

This is not a fight over anti-Semitism in the Labour party, any real cases were dealt with swiftly. It is part of a battle over control of the political discourse in the United Kingdom, this is what we need to see discussed in the mainstream media.

Argathor, r/unitedkingdom 1 Comments [10/7/2017 1:25:26 PM]
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Yossarian Lives

Those real cases of anti-Semitism still had people like you stating that the examples were legitimate criticism of Israel, not anti-Semitism.

10/8/2017 4:01:34 AM

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