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No sex, no taxes

This is the only way to fight against government backed female and cuck degeneracy. We must drop out of society and stop paying taxes.

Without the tax payers money to support jobless chads, singlemother whores and the older hippie generation that destroyed the world they will all starve out.

We must drop out en masse until they provide each man with a loving, loyal wife like it used to be 50 years ago.

thatblondeguy_, r/incels 16 Comments [10/9/2017 11:39:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

You are severely overestimating your contribution to the economy.

10/9/2017 11:44:19 AM

Just Along For The Ride

"We must drop out en masse until they provide each man with a loving, loyal wife like it used to be 50 years ago."

Seriously though. Where do they get the idea that wives were ever state-provided? This isn't the first time I've seen this sentiment here.

10/9/2017 11:50:15 AM

The Crimson Ghost

I thought all people with blonde hair were genetically superior Aryans, not pathetic loser incels begging the state to assign him a slave/wife. This right here blows that claim outta the water.

I have no idea why they believe that they & they alone prop up the economy. The only economic contributions these idiots make is to Unilever & the Coors company, & perhaps a lesser brand of beef jerky. If they were to disappear no one would even notice.

10/9/2017 12:02:11 PM


Good one! You`re not paying any taxes, you moms do.

10/9/2017 12:29:36 PM


Hahahaha! Oh, you're serious? I just love how you dumb fucks think you're the only ones who do anything useful. I also love how you don't understand history, economics or any other social science. If women are forced by lack of economic opportunities, they will have no choice but to seek out the best provider they can't. You lot won't do so well in that contest. More to the point, you cannot force someone to be loving and loyal. Sure, I suppose you could coerce a woman into marriage and providing regular sex, but you can't stop her from fantasizing about other men or having affairs for researching poisons on the internet, or bashing your skull with a frozen rack of lamb and then cooking the murder weapon. Think very carefully about what you want.

10/9/2017 12:43:19 PM

Just Along For The Ride

I think I know why these clowns think they hold so much power over the economy. Let me tell you a little bit about my dad.

My dad is a selfish manbaby. I think he was an incel in spirit, but perhaps because of the era he was born in (the 1950s), he did the standard-issue thing and married my mum, and had kids. When they got together he was training to become an engineer, but when my eldest brother came along he dropped that in a heartbeat, approached a couple of local hotels, and offered to clean their windows. Now, providing for your wife and kids in any way necessary is a noble enough thing to do, and god knows, I know it's more than some dads do. But he spent pretty much the rest of his career cleaning windows.

He worked stupidly long hours. We didn't live particularly close to the hotels, and the hotels wanted the windows cleaned early in the morning, before most guests were up and about, so he used to get up at 4am to go do his cleaning. He'd stay out a very long time and be knackered when he got home.

I'll say again that I recognise and respect this work ethic, at least at face value. However, here comes the But, and it's a big But. He never made a decision to be more efficient, and just kept on doing the same job for most of the rest of his life. He never decided to make his life easier by picking up where he'd left off with his engineering training (and I think part of this was because he basically hated most people. He became a clerk when he was too old to wash windows, which meant he was away from people most of the time, but he still rubbed people up the wrong way often enough). And he moaned about how life was so much tougher for him than it was for anyone else.

As far as he was concerned, he moved mountains and was lord and master of his household. But he never did much more than clean glass and write reports.

10/9/2017 1:43:20 PM

Gabriel LaVedier

Incel Galt? Well, makes sense at least.

10/9/2017 2:06:21 PM


Half a century ago my husband and I found each other through the old fashioned way - we met, got to know each other, and then decided for ourselves. Eighty years ago my mother and father did precisely the same thing, and I am pretty damn sue that nobody "provided" my grandfathers with wives either. Sorry, Blondie, but there is still no substitute for actual face time and conversation, as you will be expected to provide face time and conversation with any hypothetical wife.

10/9/2017 2:28:43 PM

So, YOU stop paying taxes. G'head. The rest of us, the normies with jobs and families, will pay the taxes for the jails that you'll be put in. Don't worry, s'alright.
And being locked up in an all-male prison will probably lower your chances of getting laid by a woman a whole .01%.

10/9/2017 4:55:07 PM


Yeah, leaving everybody alone until you get put in prison for tax evasion will show them!

Where did you get the idea that the government ever provided wives? Oh yeah, your behind. Musicalbookworm already beat me to it, though.

10/9/2017 5:36:13 PM


@Just Along For The Ride:
However, here comes the But, and it's a big But.

I like big Buts and I can not lie.

10/10/2017 4:57:57 AM


Yes. By all means, stop paying taxes. Quit your jobs and live off whomever you can. Or move to a box under a bridge. That means less of you whining on the net for us to deal with. Maybe your cult will go extinct once you lose the ability to congregate online. Of course, jail time for vagrancy or for tax evasion will also put you out of our misery so...

Great plan.

10/10/2017 6:09:23 AM


How could you possibly be bigger entitled mooches than you are now?

10/10/2017 8:35:59 AM

I'd really like to see incels, or anyone else for that matter, try to completely avoid paying taxes. For a start, if you so much as walk into McDonalds and buy a burger, that's you failed, as you've just paid sales tax. The only kind of job you could get would be from shady places that don't quite follow the law - and those kind of places often operate like that so they don't have to bother with that 'minimum wage' thing, and pay their workers less than that. Either that, or just go completely illegal, and start dealing drugs, or something. That, however, has certain risks, like your competition cutting your legs out from under you. Literally.

Given the kind of crying manbabies incels usually are, I'd give them a month, at most. Probably less.

10/10/2017 7:22:50 PM


How the hell do you think you're gonna live? Last time I checked that takes money. And if you think you can make money without paying taxes, prepare to start drug dealing, panhandling or spend a lot of time with the IRS.

10/11/2017 4:09:28 AM

Considering how many incels overlap into racist absurdity they've probably got it in their heads that they can slap on blackface and live on welfare.

10/11/2017 6:42:26 AM

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