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I believe I killed JFK time traveling. I/we will prove this to the public at a time of my/our choosing. I think it was me, how do I prove this? I "defeated" him spiritually before he was shot and killed. Met him in a mental hospital for the "first" time in this life. Met him several times in mental hospitals. Versions of his true original self (as he was as the president during that present time). Some of his family serves me by proxy when I am on the "warpath". One of his aspects rapped about the Illuminati while I was in the psychiatric hospital. I recognized him as if we was my own mother, he was that familiar to me the first time I had seen him in the Concord New Hampshire hospital. De ja Vu does not do the experience justice. Perhaps you do not this is real, but please do entertain me. If you were me and knew it to me real, if you were me and has 'procession' of his soul what would you do. Of all those that I had spiritually killed he was one of only a few who retained his fondest memories as he laid dying.

After having asked Clinton P(JFK reincarnated in a way) where I knew him from for several days in the hospital he had said to me "I am your slave". Before having said "I am your slave" he had said "I am just a dead president". I recognized him, I knew him on sight. Sometimes for but I moment I wish it weren't true, but then I remember I must stay true to myself. He had told me I had killed "Billions". I can't remember much of it but I can see the bodies. I never felt bad about the actual act, the taking of life, but the after effects.... I don't want him as a slave but his family demands it in certain ways, my family demands it in certain ways. If the families are to work together he is to serve me for perhaps an eternity (10,000 years our standards). If you wanted to know, we fought with no weapons and we fought to the death, I emerged the victory. To the victor goes the spoils. I didn't do it for the 'spoils' I did it for it was in my heat. I have never pitied a fool. There was and is no room for pity. "I am bat shit crazy"

Thank you for help God like productions


Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [10/9/2017 11:43:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

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'I believe I killed JFK timetraveling'

Wonderful. Hilarious. Wonderful.

10/9/2017 1:50:05 PM


"I am bat shit crazy"
At least you're honest about that!

10/9/2017 2:46:07 PM


I have never pitied a fool.

Well, if nothing else, we know this "Anonymous Coward" isn't Mr. T....

10/9/2017 6:11:16 PM


"I am bat shit crazy"

Truer words have never been spoken.

10/9/2017 8:32:14 PM



10/10/2017 4:34:23 AM


Nurse! Stat! Mister Coward's medication!

10/10/2017 8:19:52 AM


Is this a sequel to Bubba Hotep?

10/10/2017 5:13:27 PM

Yossarian Lives

Did you fight to the death in a bath tub?

10/11/2017 2:31:29 AM


Clearly should've stayed in the mental hospital. Thanks, Reagan!

10/11/2017 2:18:47 PM

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