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A year or so back, when r/incels started to gain tractions from a lot of normies and femoids, what happened? Tons of femoids visited, were “supportive” (back when they thought “take a shower” and other meaningless advice really were lifechanging to us), and posted tons of attention-seeking posts and comments. So many were pissed that we didn’t accept femoid “incels” because they absolutely had to be a part of our sub. Ofcourse, everyone got fed up with their bullshit so the mods had to create stricter rules about who could post and what to comment.

Normal people would probably leave us be then, but what does bluepilled cucks and femoids do? First they started talking about and linking our sub everywhere. When people grew tired of them constantly talking about us, they created an entire subreddit about us! Just so they can be a part of our community somehow. How pathetic is that? Seriously, we can’t have our male-virgin sub alone. Femoids can’t handle that incels have something they don’t.

ItsAllACope, r/incels 8 Comments [10/10/2017 10:12:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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I love how they feel their own self loathing is some sort of twisted empowerment.

10/10/2017 10:47:03 AM


You willingly made yourself into our clowns and now you reap the rewards of attention.

10/10/2017 2:13:18 PM


"...incels have something they don’t."

I thought the whole point of inceldom was whining about what you DON'T have, and will never get, and rejoicing in all that misery, just for you. Pitiful freaks.

10/10/2017 2:45:07 PM


So you still haven't showered, and that's women's fault?

10/10/2017 3:15:08 PM

The Crimson Ghost

Boy, no one wants to be a part of your "community". We simply mock you.

10/10/2017 3:39:30 PM


our male-virgin sub

You mean "our male-virgin-and-won't-stop-whining-about-it sub."

10/11/2017 4:46:44 AM


Have you ever heard of entertainment? I'm sure you have. That's why we link your little corner of reddit hell. Because your cult is amusing to us in a "dear God these people are pathetic" kind of way.

We have no interest in being part of your cult. We just never tire of mocking it.

10/11/2017 5:56:13 AM

Yossarian Lives

Femoids can’t handle that incels have something they don’t.

I'm sure they'll get over it, as most have the ability to form relationships with others, which is something the incel community will never have without a major change in outlook.

10/11/2017 10:28:05 AM

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