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I see some Incels pathetically deluding themselves to believe that not only someday a femoid would love them, but also believing that cuntrags are capable of love. They cannot be more wrong. Cum dumpsters are not in anyway capable of actually loving men; let alone Incels. They are only able to love a specific type of men: Chad and Tyrone. However, bitches only love them for how they make them feel and nothing more.

They love them as accessories. I mean, just think about it for a second: men would give their own life for the femoid they love, but cum dumpsters would never do the same. They may say they would, but it's nothing but bullshit. Which is why the concept of "love" itself is nothing but a charade for them.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 7 Comments [10/10/2017 10:12:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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It`s certainly a charade for you sociopaths, tis a pity you cannot even begin to imagine peole different from you.

10/10/2017 2:10:59 PM


Well, as long as you call women cunt rags and cum dumpsters, no, we will never love you.

10/10/2017 5:49:49 PM


However, bitches only love them for how they make them feel and nothing more.

Um, maybe I missed something, but isn't this kind of the reason anybody ends up loving anyone? Because of the way a person makes them feel? Like, not even just romantically, but in general.

This is why dictators and demagogues are such a problem.

10/10/2017 6:10:49 PM


Exactly right!

The only way he'll find love is to get a dog. Hang on, poor thing, DON'T!!!

10/10/2017 6:24:01 PM


Why hello Mr. Pure of Heart. I see we're calling women cum dumpsters again. And whining because they won't "love" you. As if someone like you understood the concept of love.

And I find it utterly laughable that you or any member of the incel cult would lay down their life for... well, anything really. You're the type to say you would in an effort to sound like the "nice guy" you are to get in their pants. The type that thinks parroting crap like that is how you sustain a relationship.

And if "Chad" and "Tyrone" are loved for how they make women feel, perhaps you should look into that. Clearly they're doing something you're not. Even if that something is sex, it sounds like they're doing it right while you're a selfish loser that would (if someone pitied you enough to allow it) just do missionary and pump til you came with no consideration for your partner.

Is it any wonder you're single?

10/11/2017 5:53:12 AM


However, bitches only love them for how they make them feel and nothing more.

Wait, aren't most successful romantic relationships built on a strong emotional bond? I mean, contrary to what incels say, romantic relationships that are founded solely on the basis of sex and/or physical attraction tend to crash and burn.

Pretty sure this incel just admitted that women do indeed have feelings and can feel emotions as a result of romantic relationships.

10/11/2017 9:40:55 AM

Categorically assert that women are incapable of love.
Then list the conditions women feel love.

...look confused when people call you an idiot.

10/13/2017 8:31:29 AM

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