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It's either chad or nothing. A women goes out of her way to please a chad and we never experience a women going out of her way to do us favors, like giving us an unexpected back massage after a long day of work. It's impossible for a women to be loyal and loving if you are subhuman trash. No women will ever desire you and you have to find a legit cope or rope because there is no hope, you can't fight women nature. You can't make you like them with your Muh muhh confidence or personality. Attracting females is a natural and occurring thing. You have to be naturally good looking to be successful.

If you have to go on the internet to learn how to get women.....it's over for you. If you have to looksmax.....it's mostly likely over. If you have to approach......it's over. We will never attract the opposite sex and they will never find us attractive. Why because they only want chad and not our subhuman filth. And it's their nature, it's evolution. We will never be validated, because we don't have strong jawlines or chin, no high cheekbones, no hooded eyes, no positive or neutral canthal tilt, balding,ethnic etc.. These females are only attracted to the best mating partner genetics. So tell me why even try, we don't even stand a chance against evolution and nature, say it with me....it's over.

Tellem-T, r/incels 7 Comments [10/11/2017 1:00:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The Crimson Ghost

What a pile of self pitying hogwash.

I'm not sure I want to know what "muh muhh confidence" is. And in a way, he's correct. Women don't like or want subhuman trash. We do however, like & want men that treat us as people.

I don't know why he's crying about women disliking "ethnic" men. Women like men in all flavors-vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon or lemon. I've seen white women cozy up to men of all races, or at least try to. So as usual, this brat is a liar.

10/11/2017 1:13:58 PM


The only man I`ll give back massages to after work is my hubby, if you consider those "a favour" to give to a stranger, you`re fucking out of this world.

10/11/2017 4:17:42 PM


It just occurred to me - none of these folks must believe in evolution.

If only Chads were getting women, and thus procreating, while the sub8s are doomed to be virgins for life, how the hell do these undesirable traits stick around? Shouldn't we all be beautiful at this point?

10/11/2017 6:26:33 PM


So do you now define "incel" as "someone who never gets a back rub"? I didn't really think so.

10/11/2017 7:37:13 PM


You are subhuman trash. I can say that without even know what you look like. Hell, you could be my looks ideal and I would still say you are subhuman trash.

10/11/2017 9:05:56 PM


You want hooded eyes?
Wear a burka.

You're welcome.

10/12/2017 2:35:00 AM


Hey, you called yourself subhuman trash, not me. Many of us agree, and it has nothing to do with the looks we can't see over the net.

I have my grandfather's hairline, am overweight, have an average jawline (as far as I'm aware), and generally don't fit your definition of a "Chad". And I still get laid. And I've been in several relationships, with around half of them being where I approached first.

I manage on personality. I manage on not being a douchebag. I manage by being a decent person. Perhaps you tools should try that.

Then again, you believe that women are either falling over each other to please someone, or are disgusted by them. Which is part of why you will always fail.

10/12/2017 6:00:09 AM

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