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Some stupid congressman wanted slave reparations.
He listed slavery has being from 1600 to 1870 something.

In 1775, We sent the King of England a letter, declaring our independence.
That was the first act of treason
The second act of treason was several Northern states didn't like slavery,they despised it.
Many of the Northern states IMMEDIATELY passed Emancipation laws.
They said no more buying, selling, or trading of slaves.
If your slave has a child, then that child is a free person.
If a slave owner dies, his slave is set free.(Yes, It's a shame all states didn't do it).

In 1776 we were at war with Great Britain, and that war lasted to 1786.
George Washington became our first President of the United states in the 1788 Election and took office just like every other president in 1789.

1788 was the year the British flag was taken down from America, and the American flag raised.
This was the year we became a country.

In 1861 We went to war with the south to end that Slavery.
That's 72 years after we became a nation.
During that time half the Nation had slaves.
Hence, America averaged 36 years of slavery.
But those who want to argue.
I just proved America only had 72 years of it.
Then America traveled the world, to end slavery world wide.
That's why we have several Caribbean Islands has territories.
The Spanish American war of 1900.
We paid $25 Million dollars for those islands and then Free'd all the slaves at the signing of the Paris treaty.

America has always been a champion of freedom.
If a Black man really wants to know how smart he is? Just go visit Africa.
Thats where every Black person would be if they didn't get the gift of America.
Many of them would still be enslaved over there.

TheTruthNoOneWan ts, Topix 2 Comments [10/11/2017 1:08:09 PM]
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How about Whites in slavery? I am sure the south had those too. And wouldn't that be a bad thing according to your logic?

10/11/2017 1:40:02 PM

In 1861 We went to war with the south to end that Slavery....Then America traveled the world, to end slavery world wide.

By 1861, several countries had made great strides in abolishing slavery. For example, if you look at the timeline of slavery abolition in the UK, as far back as 1706, there was a legal judgement in a case that held that a 'as soon as a Negro comes into England, he becomes free'. There was, however, various ways around this so that someone may be effectively a slave whilst not technically being one, so slavery in England continued after this. In 1778, a guy by the name of Joseph Knight, taken as a slave in Jamaica and transported to Scotland, managed to get himself legally freed in court by successfully arguing that Scots law does not recognise the condition of slavery. In 1787, Sierra Leone was founded by the UK as a colony for emancipated slaves (though, admittedly, that went a bit awry and ended up being the home of an 'apprenticeship' programme that was slavery in all but name). That same year, the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was founded in London. It took them a while, but they eventually proved instrumental in effecting the end of slavery in all British colonies. In 1793, the British colony of Upper Canada passed an act freeing all child slaves and banning the importation of slaves. In 1807, the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act is passed, which made the transporting of slaves illegal for any British ship, with captains being fined £120 per slave. That same year, the West Africa Squadron was formed, which was a group of British Royal Navy ships with the specific mandate of suppressing the slave trade. By 1865, it's estimated they freed around 150,000 slaves. In 1811, the punishment for slave trading is increased from a fine to being transported (basically, exiled to some far-flung penal colony, like Australia), and expanded it to cover anyone in British territory, whether they are British or foreign. In 1815, the Congress of Vienna, consisting of Sweden, Norway, Portugal, France, Austria, Russia, Spain, Prussia and the UK, declared it was opposed to slavery. Then comes the big one - the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. That was passed in 1833, but came into force in 1834, and gradually phased out all legal forms of slavery and freed all existing slaves in all British territories and colonies by 1840. In 1841, the UK, France, Russia, Prussia and Austria signed a treaty agreeing to try to suppress the slave trade. In 1849, the Royal Navy destroyed the 'slave factory' of Lomboko. In 1860, the Indian indenture system, which was not legally considered slavery, but more or less was, was abolished by the British Raj.

Many other countries have a similar list of events that contributed to the end of slavery that occurred before 1861, so the idea that abolishing slavery worldwide was being spearheaded by a post-civil war America is utter bullshit. America helped, yes - but they helped a process that had already been happening well before then.

10/12/2017 9:58:31 AM

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