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If there weren't loads of witnesses who could verify the story, the church would have fizzled out, surely. There must have been an effort made to verify it, as there was with the Hillsborough disaster. The Jews seemed so intent on eradicating Christianity that it was 300 ad before it was formally accepted as the truth.

Spud, Religion and Ethics 14 Comments [10/12/2017 6:27:30 AM]
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If there weren't loads of witnesses who could verify the story, the church would have fizzled out, surely.

Well, then, paganism must be true, as there are still pagans after all this time, even though christianity did its best to eradicate it.

As for christianity formally being accepted as the truth, you must have missed the fact that the majority of humanity then and the majority of humanity now, considers it a myth.

10/12/2017 6:33:31 AM


There were TV cameras - originally covering the Liverpool vs. Nottingham Forest match - which recorded what happened. And of course what they recorded was a witness whose silent testimonial helped greatly in the subsequent inquiries & hearings which ultimately resulted in justice for the families of the Hillsborough 96. PROTIP: Eyewitness evidence is notoriously unreliable in a court of law, which is why forensic evidence is necessary: and that videotape was more than sufficient.

...now can you provide us with similar visual proof, Potatobrain? It's okay, we'll wait. As did those relatives: for Justice.

Fact is, so-called 'Truth' is destroyed by Facts. And unlike you, for those mothers & fathers of those 96, 'tis a case of You'll Never Walk Alone.

10/12/2017 6:56:07 AM


In what way was Christianity formally accepted as the truth in 300 AD? By whom?
The Jews still say that the Messiah hasn't arrived yet, and that the carpenter's son didn't fill the requirements.

Islam hasn't fizzled out either, so that must have been verified as well. Right?

10/12/2017 7:09:06 AM

Dr. Razark

"If there weren't loads of witnesses..."

There are at best four witnesses who left us their stories. And that's ignoring the fact that those appear to be largely rewritten from the same sources, not contemporary with the events, and of dubious authorship.

Look at Mormonism. It started less than two hundred years ago on the word of a single person. Surely, it must have fizzled out by now?

10/12/2017 7:15:45 AM

These are the people that read a story saying 500 people saw a miracle and turn around to say, 'there were 500 witnesses to this story!'

Well, can't argue that.

10/12/2017 7:40:07 AM


Lying liars can lie.

10/12/2017 7:40:51 AM

Yossarian Lives

There was no effort to verify it like Hillsborough, the early Christians were only interested in their beliefs. The council of Nicaea formalised things, but it wasn't a reliable case of verification and many of the early Christians who disagreed with the outcome would say so themselves if they could. And, 300 years or so after 300AD, a new Abrahamic religion formed and despite the apparent confirmed truth there was no mention of the resurrection.

10/12/2017 9:40:33 AM

Pagan faiths are still existent despite persecution by Christians. I guess that means my gods are real. Also historically Christianity spread by sword with convert or die mentality. Not to mention all the power grabs it could try for. Witnesses? Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep. Realistically it was persecution and turn or die that kept it going for so long

10/12/2017 9:52:31 AM


"Loads of witnesses"? That's a complete invention of the long-after-the-fact chronicler, and I have no idea what "formally accepted as the truth" can possibly mean in your mind.

10/12/2017 11:24:10 AM


So, Muhammad is the sole prophet of God? Hanuman could jump to Sri Lanka?

Loki had sex with a horse?

I have to admit your way makes for an entertaining word. Of course, Ragnarock is going to suck, but I hope to at least get a good look at Surtur.

10/12/2017 12:01:28 PM

Shepard Solus

By that logic, EVERY religion is true. And there weren't "loads of witnesses". There was one guy who claimed decades later that there were loads of witnesses. None of whom ever told anyone else their stories, oddly enough. Given this single account of said witnesses, how wildly contradictory the writers of the books of the NT's versions of the story are, and given that all these incredible supernatural events (like the town full of zombies) are curiously recorded by NO ONE ELSE in the area around that time, their claims are less than worthless.

10/12/2017 1:16:43 PM

Citizen Justin

What Anon-e-moose said.

Is Spud English, or from another part of Britain? If so he should be ashamed of himself.

10/12/2017 2:48:21 PM


No. The world is literally littered with stupid beliefs, most have been around longer than your stupid childish nonsensical belief.

That people believe it and have believed it for a long time is a cultural continuance like a hundred other stupid beliefs.

Oh, those Biblical witnesses you're constantly claiming? The 5000 plus that 'Personally' witnessed the events? You can't claim a story written by one person and repeated by a few others as the personal witness of 5000.

10/12/2017 3:08:18 PM

Thinking Allowed

Actually, it was the Roman emperor Constantine who forced Christianity on to the biggest empire of the day. As a result, the baseline of modern day Christianity survived.

Now the shocker here for you Potato Head, that baseline is called Catholicism. The Christianity of today is an offshoot from Martin Luthor's ideals away from the RCC.

10/13/2017 7:38:37 AM

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