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Great series of posts here!

Yep, it’s a bet I’d take that for Harvey Weinstein’s dark star to have fallen so far, so fast he po’d someone in the Tribe even bigger than him.

But it is gratifying to see a Jew get hoisted high on one of Jewry’s favorite petards: the organized smear campaign. Forget everything about proof, evidence and presumption of innocence. We’re talking *female victims* here!

When, years after the fact, women suddenly start pushing into the headlines sobbing about how they were abused by some big, powerful man then we can be confident that a plan is coming together. Women can look, dress, talk and act like sluts but as Weinstein has learned the hard way, don’t ever…EVER treat them so.

Weinstein does appear to be a perverted, bullying, manipulative Jew but his accuser’s lurid stories beg the question: “Why did it take you years to come forward with this?”

Some who are now claiming Weinstein raped them apparently went on to somewhat longer term relationships with him. Lucia Evans and Asia Argento being two. Somewhat to his credit Weinstein actually did deliver on his promise to find parts for them in his movies. Oh well….

Ashley “I’m a nasty woman!” Judd is another one. Judd was happily getting naked for movie cameras before ever meeting Weinstein - but was so traumatized by her experience with him that it took her another year or two to begin getting naked again.

What makes the whole affair so wonderful is how for many years Jewry has been petting and abetting stupid, neurotic White wonen to feign the victim. Yet they turned this epic of weaponized neuroticism against one of their own.

So, who did Harvey piss off?

I think we’re seeing in miniature here the future of the Jews - in America at least. Finally, someone will come forward and say whats been obvious for decades: “It’s the Jews, stupid.” in a way that will resonate meaningfully with the dummies - and then the collapse of Jewry’s house of lies will commence in earnest.

It hasn’t happened yet but we’re in the early stages of it now.

Citizenfitz, Real Jew News 1 Comments [10/12/2017 10:38:47 AM]
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Anti-Semitism and misogyny. With just a little more effort you could have sprinkled on some racism and had a trifecta.

Too bad! Try harder next time, or better yet go throw yourself in a wood chipper.

10/12/2017 2:42:53 PM

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