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Re: Biological male wins major women's cycling event

Another "Duh!" moment.

The Olympic Committee decided a couple of years ago, I believe, that they would allow transgenders to compete as women, thereby signalling the death knell for women's sports. It was already getting bad when they started fast-tracking athletes for citizenship so that they could play for a different country and then they allowed professions to enter what was once a competition purely for amateurs. A steady drip-drip of declining standards and permitting the impermissible has eroded the meaning of the Olympics.

As already mentioned: all this will make women's sport a total joke. It's a very exceptional woman who can be a match for a man in physical endeavours and someone who will dress up as a woman in order to beat one in competition is a poor excuse for a man!

As for professional sports: back in the day a player would join a team and would stay there for life. Later players would occasionally be traded but now that's all you get and the amount of blacks playing on some European teams is jaw-dropping.

BlancaNieves, stormfront.org 10 Comments [10/12/2017 10:39:08 AM]
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Stormfront is outdated and conservatives should be embarrassed that Stormfront is on their side. That said there are many women who are athletes and can compete with men. And here I thought the meaning of the Olympics was a sort of unity. Countries compete.

10/12/2017 2:33:29 PM

Citizen Justin

I don't think that transwomen should be allowed to compete in women's sport events either. I might well get torn apart for this on FSTDT, but they do have an unfair advantage.

That said I would be very reluctant to believe anything I saw on Stormfront. I see transsexuals as people who go through hell in order to become what they should have been all along. They are certainly not men who "dress up as a woman in order to beat one in competition". The complaint at the end about "the amount of blacks playing on some European teams" really does put it into focus.

10/12/2017 2:57:05 PM


@Citizen Justin

Erm, what "unfair advantage" exactly? AFAIK, current rules allow transwomen to compete after 2 years (possibly more) of HRT, with them having to be consistently found to have testosterone levels below normal range for ciswomen. If you know anything about how transitioning works, you should know that that is very, very much more than enough time to bring them, strenght-wise, into cis-female levels. Sorry but, no issue here, really.

Edit: Literally just now went on r/GenderCynical, and somebody posted NCAA trans-athlete inclusion handbook here. It's pretty much written for this.


Concern about creating an “unfair competitive advantage” on sex-separated teams is one of the most
often cited reasons for resistance to the participation of transgender student-athletes. This concern is cited
most often in discussions about transgender women competing on a women’s team. Some advocates for
gender equality in college sports are concerned that allowing transgender women—that is, male-to-female
transgender athletes who were born male, but who identify as female—to compete on women’s teams will
take away opportunities for women, or that transgender women will have a competitive advantage over other
women competitors.

These concerns are based on three assumptions: one, that transgender women are not “real” women
and therefore not deserving of an equal competitive opportunity; two, that being born with a male body automatically
gives a transgender woman an unfair advantage when competing against non-transgender women;
and three, that men might be tempted to pretend to be transgender in order to compete in competition with

These assumptions are not well founded. First, the decision to transition from one gender to the
other—to align one’s external gender presentation with one’s internal sense of gender identity—is a deeply
significant and difficult choice that is made only after careful consideration and for the most compelling of
reasons. Gender identity is a core aspect of a person’s identity, and it is just as deep seated, authentic, and real
for a transgender person as for others. Male-to-female transgender women fully identify and live their lives as
women, and female-to-male transgender men fully identify and live their lives as men.
Second, some people fear that transgender women will have an unfair advantage over non-transgender
women. It is important to place that fear in context.

Transgender girls who medically transition at an early age do not go through a male puberty, and therefore
their participation in athletics as girls does not raise the same equity concerns that arise when transgender
women transition after puberty.

Transgender women display a great deal of physical variation, just as there is a great deal of natural
variation in physical size and ability among non-transgender women and men. Many people may have a stereotype
that all transgender women are unusually tall and have large bones and muscles. But that is not true. A
male-to-female transgender woman may be small and slight, even if she is not on hormone blockers or taking
estrogen. It is important not to overgeneralize. The assumption that all male-bodied people are taller, stronger,
and more highly skilled in a sport than all female-bodied people is not accurate.

It is also important to know that any strength and endurance advantages a transgender woman arguably
may have as a result of her prior testosterone levels dissipate after about one year of estrogen or testosterone-suppression
therapy. According to medical experts on this issue, the assumption that a transgender
woman competing on a women’s team would have a competitive advantage outside the range of performance
and competitive advantage or disadvantage that already exists among female athletes is not supported by

10/12/2017 4:03:05 PM


I am not Citizen Justin but I honestly did not know that. If I did I would have stated in it the first post in here. Apologies for my own ignorance on it.

10/12/2017 4:34:43 PM


Let's hope that Stormfront joins Julius Streicher shortly.

Is there any group you idiots don't discriminate against? Probably cisgender white females, of Nordic descent. However, this one salutes you with her finger.

10/12/2017 11:55:40 PM

Yossarian Lives

Trans-women are allowed to participate in women's sport after undertaking hormone replacement therapy and research suggests that without testosterone the muscle mass in trans-women decline and their capabilities are akin to women. They test for this by measuring hormone levels in the athletes. Given the abuse of the system observed by drugs cheats in sports like athletics, weightlifting and cycling it raises the question as to how foolproof testing for hormones is. Could some game the system to the detriment of women?

In one example, there are apparently eight trans-women awaiting transition in the main Iranian women's football squad (or at least were, this news is one or two years old). This is a disproportionately high number of athletes from a very small demographic. Could this be a coincidence and could these trans-women happen to have made it to the top on their own accord without a bias towards women? I have doubts. This raises two suspicions in my mind. One is that this shows that trans-women have a distinct advantage over women in football, though this raises the question over why this isn't necessarily the case elsewhere. The second is that Iran are gaming the system for sporting prestige. Of course this is pure speculation, but there is a red flag going on in this admitted one example.

@Citizen Justin:

No piling on from me. I think it's a concern that is bound to raise its head, especially with the potential conflict between women's and trans rights.

10/13/2017 2:29:55 AM


Yeah, it must be hard when people like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marta, Abeba Aregawi, compete for WHITE countries like Sweden. How are you to know who to root for, if the contestants are darkies, right?

As for transwomen competing with other women. Of course they have to have gone through hormone treatment first. It's not about "dress up as a woman" for a day and then go back to your man-life.

10/13/2017 2:31:32 AM

Thinking Allowed

I bet the Olympic committee also decided that transgendered men can compete as men too.

10/13/2017 7:32:28 AM


...and considering her performance in the Velodrome at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, the pic name is highly appropriate.

The fact Ms. Cox won Gold in both the 400 Metres Athletics T38 and Cycling Time Trial C4-5 is jaw-dropping.

Not bad for someone with Multiple Sclerosis, eh?

Superhumans indeed.

Thank you for proving you are the Untermensch, Nazis. [/Jesse Owens]

10/13/2017 8:07:26 AM

Tainted Scholor

Wow, so that's sexism, racism, and trans-phobia all in one post.

10/13/2017 10:21:25 AM

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