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This coontact happened several years ago....

Unemployed for a few weeks, job prospects were running low, so I had to go to a day labor office in the hopes of getting some temp work
to keep gas in my truck to look for a real job. Where I lived at that time was badly nigger fuxated. Needless to say, the labor office was in da hood "n" sheeiit.

At the labor office, full of crack heads, drunks, mostly niggers sitting around in dirty stinky clothes, myself and a young nigger buck were told we had to take a test for job qualification. We were handed a booklet with questions, and had to sit at a table and push buttons on a keypad with the number of the answer from the multiple choice book. I finished it about 15 minutes later, and turned in the booklet. The human running the labor office ran the numbers and told me I was qualified to work and take a seat. An hour later the young nigger turns his in.

The manager said he failed to qualify. The nigger asked why. The manager told him the computer did not like some of his answers, but he didn't know the ones he got wrong. The nigger says: Youz meens I's cants works and sheeeit cuz i smokes a litta weed "n" sheeeiit?

The entire office busted out laughing and it left cursing under its breath. There were two times in the test asking if you ever smoked any dope, they were put in as a kind of trick question but the nigger couldn't see through it. I decided to leave also, couldn't stand the idea of digging a ditch next to a nasty nigger in the Florida heat all day, besides, I would have been doing all the work!

africannus-negrosis, Niggermania 1 Comments [10/12/2017 12:55:18 PM]
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I'll take "Shit that never happened" for 500, Alex.

10/12/2017 3:32:14 PM

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