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A bunch of over paid worthless members of society in my book. You want to put the kabash on them? Stop patronizing the sport. Don't buy any tickets to the Nigger Felon League games. Don't watch them on TV. Don't listen to sports radio and certainly don't buy any of the team supporting merchandise. Screw the NFL and all dindu sports. By patronizing them in ANY way you are supporting their cause.

Sir Coonalot, Niggermania 8 Comments [10/12/2017 12:55:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Black people also use oxygen. Spite 'em by refusing to breathe!

10/12/2017 3:30:48 PM


Also, fstdt is truly dead. Apparently lack of comments dont make you realize real life people outside stopped giving a shit about your bullshit fedora atheist "antiracist" (codeword for anti white) clown play.

Shy, do the world a favor and shut this SJW circlejerk.

10/12/2017 4:31:31 PM



Here's the 2003 case file you mentioned.

*Estimate is based on about 10 or fewer sample cases.

That means that ten or fewer black women had answered their survey. The fact that they all said "no" is therefor meaningless, because we do not have a statistically significant sample.

Also, you'll notice I had to get it from archive.is, because the original URL wouldn't load. Why didn't you provide an actual link, instead of making me squint at a blurry image?

10/12/2017 6:03:33 PM

@ Statistics

Not only is there not even a section for "white-on-black" offenses in the linked table (despite there being black-on-black statistics) the number 20,309 itself does not show up, nor does any of the figures following it. That meme is pure fabrication banking on nobody actually reading the citation.

I am far too used to seeing that manner of skullduggery. I am far too used to people allowing preconceptions to not merely colour their perceptions of events, but to actually fabricate information outright that they will believe instead when their own eyes tell them different. I am far too used to people deliberately creating unwinnable situations for people to justify putting them into even more unwinnable situations. I am far too used to idiots like you thinking they're anything approaching clever.

10/12/2017 7:38:51 PM


All this because some athlete knelt duribg the national anthem. Really.

10/12/2017 8:23:07 PM


Oh no, however will they survive without the financial support of niggermania posters?

10/13/2017 3:40:38 AM

Churchy LaFemme

Damn. I haven't paid any attention to professional sports since, well, ever. Sixty-plus years of ignoring them and now I might have to start watching it to keep Sir Coonalot and his idiot friends from thinking I'm supporting him.

10/13/2017 10:12:42 AM


How's that old saying go....there are three kinds of lies; lies, damn lies, and statistics.

10/13/2017 5:24:15 PM

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