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Gods are immortal men and men are mortal Gods. Still ,the justice of the Gods is different than the justice of men many people believe in the world that Romanians do not work and are only stealing and many people believe in Romania that I have no right to be in the Stellar age because of the crimes of my father commited in the year 1995

I was told that Simona Halep will never reach number 1 in the world of tennis because of her Romanian flag Andrei Tataru Cristian Dracula told me back on 1st of january 2016 that she will exit top 10 because Romania does not deserve to be there and he is an American spy a traitor for us

Still the justice of the Gods is different because the Gods of Atlantia are Immortal light beings who make more than 50% ethical deeds and have a broader Vision of things I also have this broader vision

I know that Artemis humiliated Athena Simona Halep yesterday she shall be number 1 in the world for another 11 weeks with no Shining still the Shining can be great but it is Nothing in the eyes of the Supreme Unmanifested Gods Artemis does not understand this simple fact of life

people here may say that I live in the medieval age while they have teeth and are roaming the stars and I did nothing compared to them but the justice of the Supreme God is much higher than those who seek to destroy me now Lemuria is humiliated and the Red Race has still 3days to rule just like Atlantia was humiliated on 7th of october 2017 now a second version of me is roaming the halls of the Atlantean city Ramad Nilan in the Bucegi mountains now our fleets are destroyed and twisted dovahkins are controlling this planet

but... I shall give the Divine Mandate to Artemis my beloved twin sister in the 2-3 days Because this is the Constitution of Atlantia. Apollo

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Aeli, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [10/29/2017 3:50:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

You are insane.

10/29/2017 3:56:14 PM


Some of this is in English. Some is in no known language, or perhaps there is a great deal of electronic interference between your ears. Check your hat for stray bits of metal.

10/29/2017 4:46:00 PM



10/29/2017 10:14:28 PM


Oh no, there's a second version of you?

people here may say that I live in the medieval age while they have teeth and are roaming the stars

Wow, how hypocritical to say that while having TEETH! The audacity!

10/30/2017 4:57:41 AM


Neopagans getting "divine messages" about TENNIS? That's a new one.

10/30/2017 10:30:49 AM

Token Atheist

So you were told Simona Halep would never be number one, but she is. And this proves divine justice? I have a better life and career than a lot of the people that bullied and doubted me in high school. Getting a Varsity Letter didn't change the jocks' perception that I was a pansy-ass nerd. I don't think about them outside of sharing the experience with the kids when they experience the same. I really don't care if any of those people succeed or not. It has no bearing on me whatsoever. My ex is a liar and all around terrible person. She still got a large inheritance after she spent took ALL over the money from me and kids and left without warning, even failing to pay the utilities or homeowners insurance for months prior. My victory came in the form of custody and child support (which was still nigh impossible to collect). I don't take satisfaction in her car breaking down now because of it, nor do I care if her book sells well or if she gets a jillion blog hits. I know the truth and so do the people that actually know her in real life. I still win.

10/31/2017 11:01:04 AM

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