Site/Off-Topic Discussion Thread 6

Return of the Boogaloo

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Let's talk about the site and other things!

Post feedback, issues, random comments, death threats, etc. here like in all the other Site/Off-Topic discussion threads.

Site/Off-Topic Discussion Thread 6, Brought to you by direct-inverse morphosyntactic alignment 235 Comments [11/1/2017 3:12:50 AM]
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Just as DarkPhoenix suggests in this thread:

The scat troll is back: no doubt this subhuman & the coprophiliac in recent days being one and the same.

As DP says, it is reduced to posting a 'link'.

If this carries on, perhaps one countermeasure is ensuring that only those who have registered - with an e-mail, screename etc (and therefore recognised IPs) - can post comments?

6/30/2018 1:57:50 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Here is an article on a style guide for Andrew Anglin's ghostwriters. Among other things, it confirms that he is in fact a genuine, pure evil Nazi deliberately going for "He must be joking, right?" to maintain deniability and a facade of harmlessness.

7/1/2018 12:32:13 PM


I'm glad it was only a day that the site was down this time and not a month.

7/3/2018 2:11:23 PM


...and the scat troll's back:

7/4/2018 7:18:45 AM

7/7/2018 7:30:39 AM

LOL look what Jacob Harrison just did.

7/12/2018 8:13:15 PM


Please distinguish between FSTDT and SSTDT, non religiously motivated incel, LGBT-hate and misogyny should all go to SSTDT.

7/31/2018 9:37:54 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Many incel quotes are not so much sexist, but rather about the nihilism, psychopathy and beauty-obsession aspects, as well as their bizarre elitism, of their dogmatic ideology, and these fit FSTDT far better. Again, it has been established very long ago tnat you do not necessarily be religious to be a fundie. Besides, incels actually pretty much are a religion, or at least a cult, anyways.

7/31/2018 2:12:49 PM


Jacob Harrison has made some gloriously insane, Sonichu-esque stories on FQA.

I've made my response - my own take, the Parallel Hero story, focusing on the REAL hero of Jacob's story.

8/5/2018 2:53:21 AM


Found on r/atheism:

8/6/2018 1:39:44 AM


'It' is back:

Time to remove this cancerous Croat again.

8/6/2018 2:39:24 PM


Can I get some people to read and compare Parallel Hero (at seven chapters so far) and Jacob's weird-even-for-him parallel universe "Return of Excalibur" thing?

I don't like to brag...okay that's a lie, but I'd love to basically be able to say "I wrote your own messed up neo-medieval setting better than you".

8/7/2018 5:14:27 PM

Saint Fond

OK, just gotta ask, why was that r/IAmA mom-son thing pulled off? I've seen that there was some activity yesterday, and when I went to check it today, I couldn't find it. Like, I can still find it through the submit quote function, so it's still there, but for some reason it's been pulled off the mainlist?

I don't think I've ever seen something like that done with a quote in here. Is it a common practice, and if so, why is it being done?

8/11/2018 1:01:04 PM


Forgive me, but could the moderators please redirect or deny SSTDT-suitable entries that has been given submitted to FSTDT? If it's just MRA or Incel without religious motivation, it's just SSTDT.

8/12/2018 12:31:41 PM


Quick question:
In your experience:
Is the word "edgy":

a) strictly "troll terminology" (only used by trolls)?


b) terminology also often used by people responding to trolls?

8/13/2018 12:09:14 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Trolls actually use it for themselves?

8/14/2018 2:56:53 PM



Neither; it has no connection with trolls or trolling. Urban dictionary defines it as:

something or someone trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it's cringe worthy.

"that skull with the flowers around it is edgy as fuck"

8/14/2018 4:34:24 PM


RIP Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. One of the best voices ever, and someone who I pretty much grew up listening to, as a kid in the Detroit area with parents listening to the oldies stations playing Motown (natch). A true giant, one of the greats of all time for sure, an icon.

And just because I have to relate anything to my favorite band of all time if I am able to...well, maybe it's not too much of a stretch....but Freddie Mercury said a few times that he was a fan of her. I think he said his singing on the song Cool Cat from the Hot Space album was him trying to be Aretha Franklin.

8/16/2018 6:37:59 PM


Someone may want to scrub this spam on page 5.

8/25/2018 6:45:25 PM


I believe someone mentioned a geneticist with a pharaoh headdress controlling a bestiary of beasts, leviathans etc or something.
Either that or I had a fever dream and should be sent for a mental health evaluation.
PS: Laziness and lack of planning skills and being overworked means there isn't much to this yet.

But anyway, you're free to give any feedback or suggestions. Just don't expect updates anytime soon.

8/26/2018 8:55:13 AM


Shiteater's back.

8/26/2018 4:12:58 PM


Glad to see something is being done about the lack of submission categorization.

8/29/2018 5:34:07 AM

I really think we should stop accepting quotes from Kiwi Farms. Whether they're Poes or are serious, they find being featured hilarious, as seen in these two threads.

We wouldn't accept quotes from 4chan or Encyclopedia Dramatica, would we? I think KF should be in the same boat, with the exception of quotes from the likes of "It" and Brad Watson_Miami.

8/30/2018 1:20:29 PM

#2164040 Agreed, tbh.

9/1/2018 9:48:25 AM

Jocasta McFucken

I was briefly involved with Kiwi Farms, there was someone there trying to get Lady Checkmate turned into a LOLcow, but it never took off. I was advised to mingle a bit while we waited for the thing to get traction, so I did, and most of those people there are Trump worshippers and when I saw a couple threads disparaging FSTDT, I left. Not surprising they wouldn't make Lady Checkmate a LOLcow, they probable admire her.

9/5/2018 4:14:51 PM

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