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Kids despite being unpredictable,eventually they will understand the world around them and begin to have their own family or at least a decent life.I'm don't have something with you,but your statement is pure horseshit.An autistic ,most of the cases will be just forever kids,forgotten by time or a difficult person who will flip at anything .With time ,parents of the x kid will get isolated because no one can hang around with persons that are always busy.A family can break up because of a disabled child.A relationship is like a continent,If they break up,they will wander until they will fuse with another landmass,the analogy means that the kid's mom or dad will divorce ,running away from the trouble,eventually befriending and marrying someone else.After the parents die,the kid will be totally outcompeted by others.Just look in nature what will happen to a disabled offspring.No ,i don't want a mini me,in fact i want a different kid,but don't expect me ,my neightbour's parrot or anyone else to walk on eggshells around the autistic kid's for 40 years or so.Being different is not the same as having a disability.How comes that there are only shown good stories on web and tv not the bad ones?Wake up,wash your face a bit and do research before stating some facts that only a dumb person will believe.

JewelCichlid99, Reddit - r/thatHappened 8 Comments [11/13/2017 9:38:32 AM]
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my neightbour's parrot

Which IS NO MORE! It had CEASED TO BE! It's expired and gone to meet its maker!

11/13/2017 10:42:52 AM


"A relationship is like a continent,If they break up,they will wander until they will fuse with another landmass."

Antarctica. You fail tectonics. Single parents. You fail relationships.

11/13/2017 11:42:37 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

You fail to realise, among so much else OP, that you yourself are only temporarily able-bodied. One day you could wake up having survived a stroke, or you could end up in an accident. It will be interesting to see how much disabled life suddenly means to you - because the longer you live, the more significant your chances - when it's you some dumbass on the internet thinks shouldn't exist.

11/13/2017 12:02:14 PM


I'm not even sure what this person is trying to argue, aside from the fact that it's probably something ableist as hell.

11/13/2017 12:04:32 PM


Do research before stating facts only a dumb person will believe... good idea. Perhaps this dumbfuck should have done so.

Also, learn to properly format your rambling bullshit...

11/13/2017 12:35:19 PM

Some Christian Anon

Is he arguing that autistic children naturally cause people to break up, because they're "difficult"?

While the natural goal of most programs for autistic individuals involve helping them to adjust to society, rather than the other way around, if you think giving a child what they need to adjust to society is the foundation of broken relationships, then that tells more about you than it does autistic individuals.

11/14/2017 7:06:50 AM


Please learn proper punctuation, dearie. Your strange haphazard method makes it very hard to read.

You've never seen bad stories on TV? Under what rock have you been living your whole life?

11/14/2017 7:43:21 AM


You... are the hole in the ring!


11/14/2017 10:25:58 AM

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