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Exactly! Helping or showing kindness to these Black savages is like befriending a rattlesnake. It's gonna bite ya eventually.

Blacks hate Whites, both individually and collectively.

PrairieSister, Stormfront 2 Comments [2/4/2018 7:17:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Speaking from experience, as a white man married to a black woman, no, it's just that back people hate nazis. So do I, by the way, as any decent human being should.

2/5/2018 12:51:45 AM

Doubting Thomas

No, they just hate racist white people like you. But you're just making a self-fulfilling prophecy... show nothing but animosity toward black people and then when they respond the same way, claim that they all hate all white people. Without realizing, of course, that people respond to you pretty much the same way you treat them.

2/7/2018 8:54:02 AM

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